Fishing is a wonderful outdoor sport. There are many different ways to participate in this sport. From open water fishing to ice fishing or hard water fishing it's a great way to spend quality time with your family.

Fishing is an age old activity that man has been doing since Egypt where a painting was discoved of an angler using a rod type device, a line and nets. This painting dates to about 2000 BC. Man has been catching fish for food since this time. Fishing was not considered a sport or an activity to do for fun until the late 1500's. In the 1600's the fish hook very much like we use today was improved and is a fishing essential. In the early 1800's the first crude reel was made by 2 Kentucky watchmakers. By the late 1800's fishing tackle was being improved upon at a rapid rate. The sport was becoming more popular. Today we have fiber glass rods that are very lightweight and sensitive. The reels of today are getting more and more technologically advanced with the increased use of ball bearing in some reels for faster and smoother retrevial.

There are several different ways anglers fish. One method is bait fishing where the angler uses live or artifical bait secured on a hook and thrown into the water. This bait can be on the bottom or fished using a bobber that floats on the surface of the water and goes down to indicate a fish is on.

Another type of fishing is called fly-fishing. In fly fishing you use wet or dry flys that are specific to fly fishing. A rod and simple reel and you are set to go. That's the easy part. In fly fishing the way you throw the fly takes some practice and can be a bit difficult to learn.

Trolling is another way to fish that involves live or artificial bait that you throw out from your boat and then power your boat and let your bait trail along after you. This method of fishing lets you cover large areas of water in a short time.

Ice Fishing or hard water fishing as the ice fishermen like to call it is a great winter activity for the fishermen who is having a bad case of cabin fever. This type of fishing is unique in that the lakes are frozen and you must cut a hole in the ice to reach the fish. An ice auger is used to do this. The poles and rods vary from the usual type used when fishing the open water. Ice safety is also an extremely important part of ice fishing. Always be sure the ice is thick enough to ensure your safety. The general rule of thumb is 4 inches thick is safe.

All in all fishing in any form you choose is a great and exciting sport. Eating fish can add good protein to your diet and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you provided that meal for your family. Happy fishing.