Formal Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Gowns

  There's a formal event coming up in your life - a prom, a wedding, or a formal event associated with your job.  For this event you need a formal, yet stylish, plus size dress or long gown.   What are some hints for choosing the right formal plus size dress or gown for your body shape, and where can you find these formal dresses or gowns?

  Most formal wear is going to cost more than regular party dresses or casual dresses, so be prepared to spend a bit more.  If you are on a limited budget, consider your purchase as an essential wardrobe item, and buy accordingly.  Make sure the plus size gown is a classic style, one you can wear if invited to other formal occasions.  A quality, yet stylish plus size formal dress or gown can last for years. 

  The first step in purchasing a formal dress or gown is choosing from a selection appropriate for the occasion.  You don't want to buy a plus size prom dress to wear to a formal dinner party!  Ball gowns are generally worn to white tie events.  An evening gown is worn to black tie events. 

  If you need to hide too wide hips, formal dresses or gowns with wide overlays or dresses cut with no waistlines are good choices.  To flatter wide hips, choose a V shaped waistline.  Princess style ballgowns work well, too, if you are wider in the hips.  A-line cuts are always a good classic style to fall back on.  If you are more rounded in the middle, go for an empire waistline for a slimming effect.  To minimize a heavier chest, gowns or formal dresses that have corset style lace up backs will support you in this area, while downplaying your cleavage.  Also, dresses with embellishments in the lower half will draw attention downwards, away from your chest.  If you feel your arms are too heavy to bare, yet the dress you like is sleeveless, try a shawl.  This will add a stylish appearance to any formal dress or ball gown.  Just as you would with any dress, choose a plus size formal dress or gown that will flatter your good points and de-emphasize the ones you want hidden.

  What are some good places to find plus size formal dresses and gowns?  A great place to start is with Catherine's, which has retail shops on the East Coast, and an online shopping center.  Catherine's carries plus sizes up to a 34W or a 5X.  They offer a nice selection of plus size evening dresses and cocktail style dresses either knee length or longer.  Their Analisa Lace Column dress by Kiyonna falls to the floor in onyx or teal colors.  It's a floor skimming lace gown for black tie occasions.  With curve hugging stretch lace and a satin front cummerbund, this is sure to give you an elegant, stylish appearance when you wear it.  A Retro Glam Lace Dress, which runs up to a size 5X, is a knee length dress, which has a swinging skirt and removable satin sash.  It is inspired by the past, but made for the modern woman.  In black and purple or onyx, for $168.00, this is an evening dress that will never go out of style.

  Prom Girl, the online prom superstore, offers a wide variety of prom gowns, long gowns for formal balls, and evening gowns.  They also offer short semi formal dresses.  There are dresses with sleeves, strapless dresses, and form fitting sexy dresses all in the gown category.  They even offer gowns for the tall and curvy.  Dresses fall into price categories, too, with those under 100 dollars, 100 - 200 dollars, and so on.  Check them out online, and see what stylish gowns they have.

  The Rose Dress online offers elegant plus size formal evening dresses and gowns.  An A-line strapless gown in lush royal blue, for $388.00, is available up to a 34W.  With a lace up back, the gown, made of satin charmeuse, is sure to be part of an elegant, stylish outfit that can be worn for years to special events or occasions.  There are also plenty of designer plus size formal dresses for under one hundred dollars.  One example would be the Cinderella gowns that run up to a 4X and cost $79.00. 

  Designer gowns and formal dresses tend to run smaller than off the rack dresses, so it's important to check the sizing charts before ordering online.  Other than that, online shopping is generally safe and secure, and you can find lots of bargains, even for the more expensive plus size formal evening dresses.  A formal evening dress or gown can be worn to more than one occasion, so make sure you purchase yours with care.