Lucini Olive Oils and VinegarsCredit: bhamsandwich: you’ve heard all about the marvelous benefits of olive oil and you purchased a bottle. Good for you! It’s quite possibly nature’s greatest creation. It’s been around since the beginning of the universe.[1] It makes food taste divine. It’s heart healthy, good for cholesterol, great as a skin moisturizer and more. Armed with your “One Million Ways to Cook with Olive Oil and Moisturize Too,” encyclopedia, you went at it with gusto. You embarked upon a gastronomic journey that rivaled top chefs. You became a card carrying member of the “all-natural ancient beauty secrets society.” Heck, you even multi-tasked one day and took a moisturizing olive oil bath while eating one of your culinary creations. Life was good. But eventually you began to wonder. Is that all? Are there no other uses for that magnificent oil? Wonder no more because new ways continue to be discovered. Below are four for your consideration:

Olive Oil Kills Cooties!

Okay, in this case “cooties” means head lice, and each year millions of pre-school and elementary school kids get them.[2] It’s a nightmare for children and parents. If you prefer all natural methods for removal, this may be just the thing for you. Over the counter lice removal remedies often contain harsh chemicals which can sting, or worse, burn. Ouch! One of the many benefits of olive oil is that it can be used as an all-natural treatment for head lice. It kills with a combination of heat and suffocation. The treatment includes the oil, a shower cap, hair dryer or heating cap, shampoo and a nit remover comb.

To kill the head lice:

  • Saturate the hair with olive oil and cover with the shower cap.
  • Warm the hair with the blow dryer or heating cap for a few minutes. The heat will help kill the lice. Leave the cap on for up to a couple of hours.
  • Use the nit remover comb to remove the lice and nits.
  • Wash the hair in warm water, as cool/cold water will cause the oil to harden and make it more difficult to remove.
  • Use the nit remover comb again to get rid of any remaining lice or nits. Repeat combing process every day for the next two weeks.
  • Give child (or adult) lots of hugs and kisses (maybe a piece of chocolate) because it’s not the most fun thing in the world is it?

Note that like any lice removal treatment, olive oil is not 100% effective. Products such as mayonnaise and petroleum jelly (Vaseline) have also been used to remove lice and is based on the same principle of killing through heat and suffocation.[3]

Stop Vain Cats from Throwing Up Hairballs!

Cats are regal and beautiful and they know it. That’s why they spend so much time primpingMojo on a metal vet table, acting nonchalantCredit: joeszilagyi: and grooming themselves by licking their fur, right? Of course it is. That beauty, however, comes at a cost. In this case in the form of nasty hairballs which occur when they swallow the hair that they have licked, that sometimes creates a wad in the stomach. If not passed, the mass can cause discomfort which can lead to your cat throwing up the hair ball. When this happens cat servants pet parents clean up the mess. Don’t be a slave to the hairball. Cure it with olive oil! Mix a little (1/4 teaspoon) in your cat’s food a few times a week to help prevent your kitty from hacking up those nasty balls. One of the benefits of olive oil is that it acts as a natural lubricant to help hairballs pass through the digestive track and out the correct end. It can also act as a laxative, so don’t overdo it. Some cat lovers use a bit of petroleum jelly instead. Others use high fiber foods like canned pumpkin to keep kitty regular and help the hairball pass the preferred way. Each cat is different so tune in to their reactions to figure out what works best.[4]

Ancient Beauty Secret … It Cures Acne!

Olive oil for acne?! For years people have extolled the wonderful benefits of olive oil when it comes to skin care. It is used to moisturize and soften skin. People also it to prevent wrinkles. Putting heated olive oil in hair is commonly used to treat dryness, and to give it shine. But washcloth bathsponge and loofahCredit: Steve A Johnson: oil on one’s face to treat acne? “Excuse me, but my face is oily enough, thank you very much.” It does seem to go against common treatments methods where the removal of oil is key. But using it for acne is a natural treatment that has a devoted following. There are some variations to the methods, but the use of extra virgin olive oil is common among all versions and involves massaging a small amount of it onto the face, concentrating on the blemishes. 

Some methods combine sugar or salt with the oil for an “acne exfoliate.” Others simply use oil and moist heat. For example, one version suggests that a little oil is massaged onto the face, followed by placing a hot (not hot enough to burn), wrung out wash cloth on the face for a few seconds. Pat the face dry, then repeat. This time use the cloth to wipe away the oil. Pat dry again and you’re done.[5] Many people swear by this method and say that not only does using olive oil for acne work, it makes skin amazingly soft. As with all remedies, use caution because what works for one may not work for others. Do your homework and do what feels right for you.

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Paint Remover Extraordinaire!

Painting a room should not include wearing a protective barrier from head to toe so that you211/365 The ArtistCredit: martinak15: don’t get paint in your hair, on your face, arms or legs. If you are painting challenged in this way, have no fear. Olive oil to the rescue. Among the many uses of olive oil, paint removal is another great one. To remove paint from your hair, take a cotton ball dipped in olive oil and rub it on the painted section. To remove from your face or skin, rub some on the affected areas, let soak in for five minutes or so and wash off. Another option is to use salt on the painted area after the oil has soaked for a while and scrub off the paint.

Olive oil is awesome! What’s not to love? It’s natural, it’s pure (as long as you are getting the real thing) and it’s versatile. The benefits of olive oil are extensive and continue to grow. What amazing things has  it done for you? Share below and keep the tips going! One million and one. One million and two, one million and three…