It's not that hard to perform your own county jail inmate search. In fact, you can find most of the information in a matter of minutes, without leaving the comfort of home. There is no need to use any site that charges for this type of information, at least in vast majority of cases. If you are trying to locate a specific prisoner, or looking for roster information, you should have no problem finding it. Here' how to perform your own county jail inmate search.


The Sheriff's website:

If you know what facility a specific subject is in, you can use the information to perform your own county jail inmate search. Even smaller departments will generally have much of the information you are looking for online, making it much easier these days to do your own county jail inmate search for free. Simply logon to the appropriate sites, and see what you can find. Some will show the mug shots of inmates on the website.

If you don't know where the individual is being housed, or even if they are in one the facilities, you can check out several of them in your area. This can be an effective way to do your own county jail inmate search for someone when you haven't been able to contact them, and you suspect they may have gotten into some trouble with the law. You'll find that you can check the rosters at most Sheriff's office websites these days, making it much easier to find the information you are looking for. Give it a try, it's a great way to find the information at no charge, so you can save some money on your county jail inmate search.


Phone calls:

It's okay to pick up the phone and call the local facilities in your area and ask if a specific individual is incarcerated. It typically only takes a few seconds for the jailer to look up the information in the computer. This can save your time and money on your county jail inmate search, so it should not be ignored. While some may require you to make your request in writing, many will not. It will only take you a few minutes, so it's worth the minor effort when you are trying to do your own county jail inmate search.


Other online sites:

You may find it very advantageous to use one of the many online sites out there for a county jail inmate search. Keep in mind that many of these types of sites will charge a fee, so it may not be in your best interest to use them, when you can get the data at no charge. Still, for those looking to save time, it may be a good option. You can find some that offer up some limited information for free, so you may have luck with finding people in jail using one of these types of sites. It's really best to keep your eyes open, so you don't incur any sort of charges.


Court websites:

This is a fairly unique, but effective way to find out where someone may be when you cannot locate them. It can be an effective way to do a county jail inmate search as well, so it just makes sense to give it a try. These days, most states have court information, including schedules and court calendars, available online. If you can find the site, you can search for a specific individual by name. If you find they have a court appearance, you may have found your person. If listed, call the local facility to find out if the subject is being held there. It's a roundabout way to get a county jail inmate search done from home at no charge. It's actually a good way to locate a missing person that may have been arrested.


Public information?

Some people are a little confused about public information, and rightfully so, since there is so much gray area. While this type of information is typically considered to be public, it may not mean the department you are dealing with must give it out to you by phone, or even in person. In some cases, you may even need an attorney. This would make your county jail inmate search quite expensive. Don't get too caught up in the belief that all of this type of data is public information. With a little persistence, and a good attitude, you shouldn't have too much trouble.


Past incarcerations:

If the county jail inmate search is being done to find out past incarcerations on a specific individual, you may not have too much trouble finding the information. Here's a great way to get this data while you do your county jail inmate search.

1. Search the court records of your state. Pay attention to the location, which you will need in the following steps. Write down the locations, so you have them ready when you need them. In some cases, you can read the disposition information, so you can find out what type of sentence the subject was given.

2. Visit the websites that are available for each specific law enforcement agency which matches the locations you found in step one. Look to see if they have rosters listed from the past, not just the present. You will find your county jail inmate search to be effective this way.

3. Call the local agencies and ask for all incarceration dates and times for the specific individual. In some cases, they will require you to submit a request in writing for the information. This is no big deal, and does not violate the freedom of information act.


Double check your data:

When you are doing your own county jail inmate search, you really should take the time to make sure you have the right subject. As you know, many people can have the same first and last name, especially when dealing with those that are common. For this reason, it will be wise to make sure you have the right person by checking the date of birth, and the middle initial, along with physical descriptors when available. This will make you county jail inmate search more accurate, so you can be confident in the information you have gathered. You could also use the information to find free prison pen pals.