How to Get Diabetes Supplies for Free Without Insurance

Having diabetes can really negatively affect your life both mentally and physically. As long as you are following your doctor’s advice and eating healthy and exercising regularly then there is no need to let this disease keep you down. Unfortunately following the doctor’s advice can be extremely expensive. You need to be constantly checking your blood sugar level can keep your body in check. One of the benefits of diabetes is that this disease is so common that there are unlimited resources for the diabetes sufferer. One of the many things that are available is many free diabetic supplies for uninsured.

Free Samples From Doctors 

The first place many people get free diabetes supplies from is their Doctor. Doctors are often bombarded with free samples given to them by the drug reps who hope they will then promote their brand or product. Many doctors will simply give these samples out to their patients who are in need of financial assistance. Oftentimes doctors will have a huge supply of diabetes samples given to them by the drug rep sales people who want them to promote their brand of product. If you ask nicely many doctors will be able to give you many samples of a product which can save you a lot of money.

Diabetes Study Groups and Diabetes Drug Trials

Because diabetes is so common, there are countless diabetes research programs starting. You can be part of a new drugs trial to see how well it works. The best part about being part of a diabetes drug study trial is that you can get you diabetes medicines and or supplies for free while a part of the study. The best place to start is by talking with your doctor and see if there are any drug studies groups he can refer you to. Another great place to start looking for clinical trials to participate in is Corengi. Corengi allows you to search for clinical studies that are available to diabetes sufferers in your area.

Before a drug can be released to the public, it needs to undergo extensive testing in order to gain approval from the FDA. By being part of a drug trial you will not only het extensive access to cutting edge medicines and techniques, but you will also get this for free and in some cases you might even get paid money! The only thing better than free diabetes medicine is when you can get paid to use it.

Lilly TruAssist

Lilly TruAssist is a program that is designed to help connect needy individuals with the medicines they need. Last year Lilly TruAssist helped about 300,000 people. Many people receive help through the Lilly TruAssist program for a wide variety of afflictions including diabetes. Lilly TruAssist also donates diabetes medicines and supplies to camps for children with diabetes through its Lilly Camp Care Package Initiative.

Subsidized Health Care Clinic 

Most towns and cities have a public health care clinic that is either free or very low cost depending upon your income levels. This is often the first stop for many people who have been diagnosed with diabetes but cannot afford the medicine and supplies needed to keep the disease in check. These local health care clinics offer a vast amount of resources and are usually able to refer you to a specialist doctor if needed. There may be a 2-3 year delay to get into a particular doctor, but with one phone call from the nurse at the health care clinic they can often get you into that same doctor within a week. Another benefit if these public healthcare clinics specialize in helping low income and indigent patients who may not be able to afford the medical care they need.

Hill-Burton Facilities

Hill-Burton facilities are hospitals that are required by law to offer a certain amount of free to nearly free help for low income people. You can check to see if one of these hospitals is located near you.

Free Glucose Meters

Many companies will offer their glucose meters for free. These companies want you to buy their test strips so it is worth it to give you the glucose meter for free. You can often find free glucose meters are your local pharmacies including Walgreens. You may need to show them a doctor’s prescription for a glucose meter as these companies want to ensure they are only giving their meters away for free to people who actually have diabetes. Even if you are not newly diagnosed with diabetes you can still get a doctor’s note to take in that shows you do indeed have diabetes and need a meter. 

Medicare and the Affordable Health Care Act

If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or Obamacare then you can often get free diabetes supplies. You can often find the cheapest deals at online diabetes supply companies. With Medicare or other health insurance you can often get your diabetes supplies such as testing strips and insulin for free. If you are low-income then your insurance costs through Obamacare will cost you very little each month. There is no need for anyone to be uninsured anymore, especially people who have been diagnosed with a type of diabetes.


As you can see there are a lot of resources to get free diabetic supplies for uninsured people. The best tip is to network with people you meet. The Doctors you meet with and the people in charge of the various clinical drug trials. By keeping in contact with these people they will often call you up first and ask if you would like to be on an upcoming drug trial test.

By properly networking you can continually be on a new drug trial. When one stops you can then start up on another one. Not only will you get your medicines for free and a token payment, but you will also be able to be part of important clinical studies that can help to improve the lives of all people who suffer from diabetes. One day a cure will be found, but until then you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy by utilizing as many free diabetic supplies for uninsured as you can.