If your home has a nice front porch that you would love to spend more time on, but it doesn’t feel very private, there are ways to separate you from the street and still have style.

Keeping your budget in mind, take a good look at the space and figure out where your favourite spot to perch yourself is.  Do you like to look out and still see your front garden or do you want to have total privacy.  Is yours a covered porch with a roof?  Or is it open.  Do you just need a little privacy or a lot?porch privacy ideasCredit: amazon.com

A great place to get ideas is online, as I find local home improvement stores don’t really address the needs of the front porch very well.  I always see setups for that back patio and barbeque spot but not the front and this can be a great outdoor living space in the good weather.  Some backyards are in full shade and sometimes, depending on the layout of your home, the front is easier to access. 

I found a few ways myself that might help, and some may need some installation but even if you rent your space, you can use these ideas without damage.  But still check with your landlord before you start drilling holes.  Anything portable can always be taken with you if you move.  The last place we lived I found the front space brighter than the back, so it was easier to hang out there, and I love to head outside in the warm weather with my tea and in my jammies, I don’t need the whole world to see me!

porch privacy ideasCredit: amazon.com

Porch Privacy Screens

These are a really cool way to not totally fill the open space but just enough that it gives you that privacy and make the area feel like a room.  You don’t have to cover an area with a solid wall, just break up the space enough that people can’t really see in but you can still get the light and the warm breezes and the screens look nice.

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These various types of metal screens can also beautify your front yard as they look like pieces of art.  You can encase them in frames, or whatever you want.  Privacy doesn’t have to look ugly.   As you can see by these two examples, you can separate space with them as well as create rooms and fill in open spaces.

porch privacy ideasCredit: amazon.com

Privacy Outdoor Blinds

If you love the idea of sitting out front, but the sun is right in your face, or you want to hang out there in your jammies and people are milling about on the sidewalk and road or even your neighbor is our watering his roses, then check out these outdoor blinds.

These are designed for the outdoor elements, but will keep that sun out of your face but breezes can still get by them.  You can decided how far you want them down, and adjust the positions.  They are perfect for the covered porch where it is easy to install these.

porch privacy ideasCredit: amazon.com
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Outdoor Curtains

You can get them solid or breezy partly see through.  Both look good on porches and balconies.  They are designed for the outdoors and will move with the breezes.  This way you can feel more private on your porch by simply drawing the curtains across.  They too will keep the sun out of your eyes and it simply makes a space feel more cozy, just like when you cover your indoor windows, it gives you that cozy feel and less on display.

It is nice to see people, but sometimes you just want to sit outdoors and enjoy your coffee or drink in peace to collect your thoughts, and not be bothered by people or neighbours.  I know in Ontario where I live, we spend a good 7 months indoors, so it is nice to be able to spread to the outdoors and enjoy it and some alone time as well.

Quick Ideas on the Cheap

If you don’t have the budget for blinds and curtains and privacy panels, you can still get creative by creating a bit of a green space as well as doubling up for privacy.  

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Trellis in a Pot

Depending on the room you have out front, you can get long rectangle planters that are just big enough or tall enough to hold a trellis.  Many trellises are designed now for pots, they don’t have to lean against a wall.  You can get a few of them from online or the thrift stores and grow some vines or hang things from them, or even grow some veggies.  Just something that can quickly break up that open space so you feel separated from the sidewalk, neighbours and the street.

Tall Thrift Shop Plant Stands

If you have a covered porch, you could place this right where you want some privacy and add some cute plants. Or even hang some plants at different lengths in macramé style hangers with leafy plants and flowers to create some separation.

porch privacy ideasCredit: amazon.com
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Balcony or Railing Planters

These are designed to sit right on balconies and railing tops and add some taller flowers and by the time you sit in your favourite seat, no one will see in.  You will see the flowers and get some breezes and the light and create a really cool oasis for your spot.  Get a few of them and line them up in one continuous line and your railing will look gorgeous from the street as well as relaxing on the porch.  

You could use pretty tall flowers as well as some hanging plants to cover much of the railing space as well below.  These are another great way to create that oasis and are affordable online.  I use these on my back deck.  They are designed to fit most railings snuggly, so no fears of them falling off and they don’t take up any floor room.

If you don’t have a railing with a top, you could create one with long planters and fill with tall plants.  Now people will have to go out of their way to see if you are there.

Porch Privacy

You don’t have to build ugly walls, you still want the front of your space to look nice, so think of how it will look from the street as well as when you sit there, and get your creative juices flowing and enjoy the outdoors!