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How can a new or experienced writer gain views and grow their audience of readers? It’s not as difficult as it seems if you follow the eight suggestions below.

1. Give value without asking for anything in return

When I’m introduced to someone in person I expect a pleasant exchange, but if my conversation partner starts asking me for favors, I’m immediately put off. You may expect the same reaction if you write an article for the sole purpose of gaining views without giving a valuable story or information. To gain the trust of a reader is a sacred thing which you must treat with respect if you want return readers.

2. Use social media wisely

When used correctly social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon can be an invaluable source of new readers. Limit how often you advertise and if your audience tries to contact you through any of the aforementioned sources, respond quickly. Building relationships online is a quick way to form a loyal following. This following is filled with people willing to spread articles in an organic fashion. Word of mouth carries more weight than any types of advertising combined.

3. Backlink when it is appropriate

A guaranteed way to expose your audience to more of your articles is through backlinks. This option will be available to you after successfully publishing fourteen articles. Linking articles with key words, which will prove useful, is an example of appropriate backlinks. The key is to retain readers and not try to trick them into looking at articles, which may build views, but will destroy trust.

4. Invite your readers to share your article

Inviting someone to try something and selling are two different things. I would invite my sister to try a restaurant I enjoy, but I wouldn’t try to sell her my leftovers. Invite your readers to share your commentary after giving them great information or a scintillating story.

5. Engage your readers in a conversation

Replying to comments from readers is one of the simplest ways to let your readers know that you care about what they think, and that you appreciate the time they took to reach out to you. Reply promptly and with tact because your audience is continuously watching you. Asking your audience a question can prompt comments, which can engage your readers and keeps them involved and wanting to continue to support what you write.

6. Build relationships with other article writers

Relationships with your fellow authors can be mutually beneficial. Mentioning another writer in your articles can draw new audiences to your words, and your recommendation will give credence to other authors who might not be as popular, but have value for your readership. When writing is not a competition but collaboration then everyone wins.

7. Give your audience what they want

What does your audience want? The easy answer to this question is an equal to or greater value than the time they will spend reading your article. Time is the only resource which is impossible to replace. When you value the time of your audience by delivering an excellent report, your readers will value you.

8. Be flexible

The formula for success is to notice what works and do more of that while noticing what doesn’t work and not doing that. Don’t be tied to a particular topic, format, or social medium if you’re not succeeding with what you have.

When you give value without seeking favors, use your social media wisely, backlink when appropriate, invite your readers to share your work, engage your readers, build relations with other authors, give your audience what they want and are flexible with how your articles are presented to your audience then you are certain to gain views and grow your audience. What tips would you have for a new writer?