Start With The Main Room - Do you spend a lot of time in your living room?  Is this the room that most people see when they first step into your house?  If so, this will be the room you will want to start on first to get rid of the clutter.  Pick up the big things and find homes for them.  Toys should go in the kid's rooms or in the designated toy area.  Shoes don't belong in the living room and neither do coats.  Miscellaneous items need to find places to go as well.  Only furniture should be on the ground.  This makes it a lot easier to vacuum around.


Give The Kids a Job - If it's their bedroom that needs work, this is a room for them to start on.  Have them make three piles; things that don't play with anymore, things they want to keep and garbage to throw away.  Any broken toys or games that are missing pieces can be tossed to clear up some space.  If your kids have a hard time getting rid of their things, it may be best to do this while they are gone at school or at a friend's house.


Don't Get Lazy- So many people's houses get messy and cluttered because they get lazy.  Papers and other junk collect around the house and they allow it to lay around for a long time.  Don't get lazy and pick up after yourself as soon as you get up.


Organize - Get rid of things on the floor by putting them onto shelves to organize them.  Bookshelves and cubby organizers do wonders at keeping things sorted out and organized.  


Work on One Major Project a Day - Whether it's the hallway closet, the pantry, a few kitchen drawers or in your junk drawer, you should assign yourself to one major project a day at work hard at that.


Keep One Day Aside For Thorough Cleaning - You should pick up after yourself everyday.  Laundry should be in the baskets, food and dishes should be put away after use, toys should be in the toy box after the kids are done playing with them and shoes should be lined up by the day.  This will make your one day you keep aside for thorough cleaning a lot easier.  Use that day for heavy duty cleaning such as the bathrooms, scrubbing the floors, dusting and vacuuming.  If you do this, it won't seem like such a chore to get the other things done daily.


Make Rules- Make rules in your house and have everyone follow them.  Dishes must be placed in the sink or dishwasher, the previous  toy must be put away before you play with a new one and jackets must be hung up on the coat rack.  Making these rules will simplify things in your household and there won't be as much clutter around if everyone just follows the simple rules.

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