Why is Grand Pointe A Unique Online Credit Shop?

For goods and products that can be used for home make over potential customers are invited to visit Grand Pointe online credit shopping website. With Grand Pointe online shopping site, you can find all types of products that relate to home appliances and kitchenware, unique items, collectibles, jewelry, outdoor items as well as electronics . The online catalog is one of the leading buy now pay later shops with an added advantage of the instant credit option. It is a catalog that has served the interests of many people given that customers can obtain goods and pay later with a given payment schedule.

Grand Pointe is the online catalog that allows its clients to buy products without a credit check online. This is an exception as opposed to other online catalogs. This allowance at Grand Pointe is given only to customers that use mail in catalog shopping. Hence, the option for instant online shopping is also extended. 

A little more about what makes Grand Pointe online credit shopping unique. As stated above, you get $100 instantly regardless of your credit history to shop in their online catalog.  Usually, this type of instant credit is only extended to customers shopping through the paper catalog that gets mailed to your home. However, Grand Pointe has gone one step further than other buy now pay later catalogs and given you $100 instant credit.  Other buy now pay later catalogs allow you to get instant credit after a relaxed credit approval process. Though it may be relaxed, not everyone qualifies and not everyone wants their credit run, so Grand Pointe is an excellent option in this regard.

When using credit extended to you by Grand Pointe, it is important that you use it responsibly.  Grand Pointe goes where many other buy now pay later online shopping catalogs will not go in terms of giving you instant credit without a credit check, however, jeopardize your credit rating or make it worse by not paying for items you purchase.  Use this give of credit shopping online responsibly because it could either help build your credit or help destroy it.

Types of merchandise sold at the Grande Pointe catalog

There are a variety of products available at Grand Pointe that are of demand to the wide clientele that is served by this catalog. The online catalog has products such as

  • Home décor, bed, and bathroom: these include chairs, stools, tables, corner photo shelf, flower verses, paradise beddings and window accessories, bedcovers, duvets, and pillows etc.
  • Kitchen ware: there is a variety of kitchen items that can be of interest to the clients. These include blenders, electronic cookers, toasters, microwaves, deep fryers, bowls, canisters, food storage, kitchen accents, knives and cutlery, linens etc.
  • Other kitchen ware items are dinner ware, glass ware, barware, flatware, serving ware and table ware.
  • Electronics: they include audios, cameras, home appliances, MP3 and MP4 players, phones, and video items etc.
  • Gift and collectibles: these are items that people can select for varying events and occasions. Amongst the leading gifts and collectible items at Grande Pointe is sports ware and sports items, tools, travel items, toys, gift certificates amongst other items for men, women, and children.
  • Personal care items at Grand Pointe are cosmetics, fragrances, health related items. There are other electronic items that ladies could prefer to use for beautification such as blow dryers, shavers, styling tools, curling iron etc.
  • Jewelry: these are luxury items that can befit people of various interests. Grand Pointe offers jewelry including bracelets, earrings, pendants necklaces, rigs, watches, women accessories, men’s clothing, handbags, hats, shoes etc.
  • Outdoor items: these include merchandise such as cushions, figurines, gadgets, recreational, solar, outdoor furniture, seasonal, etc.

Samples of Items Sold on Grand Point Online Shopping Website

Grand Pointe-Online Credit Shopping-Lava Tech Hood Dryer, 1875 Pro Salon IonicCredit: Grand PointeGrand Pointe-Online Credit Shopping-Towel Stacker, FishCredit: Grand PointeGrand Pointe-Online Credit Shopping-Queen AirbedCredit: Grand PointeGrand Pointe-Online Credit Shopping-5-Piece Solid Wood Tray Table SetCredit: Grand PointeGrand Pointe-Online Credit Shopping-Lucite Blossom Cuff BraceletCredit: Grand Pointe

Benefits of using the Grande Pointe catalog

Clients engaging in business at Grand Pointe are given an opportunity to shop within their favorite categories using the online catalog. For those who like the paper version, Grand Pointe also offers a mail order catalog. This means that they are allowed to shop for the products and make orders for the same right using their credit accounts without hesitation. For new clients the online catalog allows them to obtain instant approval for credit applications. Customers ordering products online are given the benefits of getting items that are $100 dollar and below with a choice of their own monthly payment rate.

Grand Pointe allows customers to build their credit to a maximum limit of $500 dollars. This means that every customer that comes in to obtain products from Grand Pointe are allowed to expand their purchases and still the bill into monthly payments. Grand Pointe allows clients to attain instant credit using their catalog without any credit checks. This means that people with bad credit can use such opportunities to buy their favorite products. Clients are given the opportunity to ensure that they enhance and improve their credit limits by making early payments.

Disadvantages of using the Grande Pointe catalog or website

This can be compared to associating with other online retailers. Online catalogs have a high risk and disadvantage as they are a major target for identity theft. Hence, it is important that people buying products from Grand Pointe take care of their personal information. There are interest rates that customers have to be aware of while buying products. These interest rates are incorporated in the payment bills thus making the prices higher than the normal rates.

Instant credit application process at Grande Pointe

Customers are allowed to select the products they require from the catalog and make an order.  The customer should then highlight the place where the products are to be delivered. The client then has to select the Grand Pointe Credit account and accept the term and conditions, and submit. This is later approved and the customer is allowed to shop online.

Grande Pointe Interest Rates

The interest rates at Grand Pointe differ from one client to another depending on the level of credit balances one has in his or her accounts.