You can purchase little photo albums, and they are nice enough for showing off your pictures, but wouldn’t it be cool to have something a little more personal?  If you love to do scrapbooking or arts and crafts in general, you can make your very own baby brag book or one for your pets or for whatever is special to you that you can carry with you where ever you go.

I love this video because it ends up being a really cool lightweight wallet style with flip out pockets and hidden folded areas, which allow you tons of space for your pictures and your bragging rights!

If you love working with paper and cardstock and scrapbooking, this video should get you grandmas brag bookCredit: pixabay.cominspired to create your very own personalized wallet.  It is also a great way to promote this type of business if you enjoy it.  Start by making one for yourself and adding your special moments or pictures and next thing you know others will want one too!  Word of Mouth works wonders.  But it also makes your pictures look awesome having a great background for them.  Technology has most of us coming away from things you can hold in your hands.  Many people don’t even bother getting photos printed anymore, and personally I love to be able to hold a photo not try and see it on a phone.

Creating an eye pleasing background or foreground just makes it a nicer experience.  Turning the pages or unfolding compartments adds to the whimsy and fun of showing off your favourite things.

You don’t have to create it in a vintage look like the video you can change it up to whatever suits you.  A few folds, cuts and gluing and an afternoon set aside and you have created your very own wallet ready to fill and show off.

Brag Book Wallet

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Altered Book - Another Alternative

If you are not a fan of creating from cardstock or want something more robust, you could also do an altered book project that can house your pictures and anything else you want to brag about.  Check out that tutorial here.  They don’t have to be just for art journals, they can be used for your show off pictures or anything you want to keep that is special.

Either way, creating something special that is tangible, that you can hold in your hands and not on your cell phone makes a great gift idea as well as something you can carry in your purse.  Creating the album also adds to the pictures and makes it easier to show off, a more 3D effect.  Nothing more annoying than having a cell phone shoved in your face with tiny pictures.

It is kind of neat to have the old fashioned style of something you can actually hold in your hand that doesn’t fade away off the screen because it timed out. You can actually sit down and go through this little wallet and enjoy what you see and compare pictures side by side rather than flipping through them or moving a tiny screen.

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You can pick the best of the best of pictures to include in your wallet or altered book instead of dozens of the same flipping by on a cell phone.  Sometimes less is better, especially when it comes to photographs.

Present Pictures and Memories in an Eye Catching Way

The scrapbook vintage style brag book is lighter weight and easier to carry with you, but the altered book is another option that will really add some whimsy to your pictures and your creative skills and would be like having an original piece of artwork on your coffee table.  Something most likely to be picked up and check out as it wouldn’t be a typical photo album.  

You can also try altered photos to add to your altered book.  There are so many ways you can create a display of memories or special pictures that present themselves in an eye catching way that the reader is going to enjoy, whether your kids, grandkids, pets or vacations it will be a fun way to show them off.

  Why just buy another boring photo album or overload your phone with pictures when you can create your own brag book either from scratch or recycle an old text book and decorate the pages with your special moments and pictures.  Lets come away from technology just for a little while.  Get those favourite pictures printed and show them off and not just in an envelope right from the print shop, create some magic around them.  Remember this is your brag book, show it off, create some whimsy and fun so that others will enjoy looking at your special memories.  They will love it so much they will want one for themselves.  This is the way pictures used to be displayed, have fun with it.

It is like telling a story which people enjoy.  So if you have special pictures or memories sitting around at home in a drawer or a box, why not pick your favourite ones and create a brag book that entertains your friends and family instead of just uploading them to a cell phone or leaving them in a drawer.  Go back to something you can pick up and look at and enjoy the process too!  This is a great way to relieve stress.  Take an afternoon and enjoy creating.