Back Porch Garden Container Growing Potatoes and Tomatoes

Grow Tomatoes on the Back Porch in a Tomato Bag

Tomatoes grow in just about anything as long as the roots have room.  Buy the planter that optimizes the porch gardening space.  Tomatoes are one of the easiest things to grow in a back porch garden.  Tomato bags are used to easily grow tomatoes without having to worry too much about weeding.  The tomato bags are made out of double-layer polypropylene which helps tomato plants from building up too much heat.  The tomato plant bags help prevent overwatering and poor aeration. According to Gardener's Supply Company, the tomato bags are made of fTomato Grow Bag for Growing TomatoesCredit: Amazon.comabric that "air prunes" the roots of the plant.  When a tomato plant has a hearty, strong root system then the tomatoes grow bigger and produce a better yield. 

Growing Tomatoes - Upside Down Planters and Hanging Planters

The upside down hanging tomato planters are another option for growing tomatoes on the back porch.  The upside down tomato planters  can hold a few different vegetables. Grow tomatoes in one of these planters or use the tomato bag for planting a small and simple back porch vegetable garden.  Hanging tomato planters are built especially to grow tomatoes as a hanging plant so you can pick the fruit (tomato) from the bottom of the plant.

When using upside down planters place flower pots or smaller containers and planters under it.  Use some type of table with wheels to move the smaller planters under the upside down tomato planter.  For non-mobile flower pots and planters utilize the space by putting smaller vegetable plants on the ground under the upside down hangers or the hanging planters.  Growing tomatoes in this porch garden arrangement creates a self-contained drip down watering system. Using self-watering gardening techniques make watering easier and it also conserves water, saving money for those who pay for water.  Consider how tomatoes and potatoes are going to get watered when planning back porch vegetable container gardens.

Grow Potatoes in a Potato Bag Garden

Planting Organic Potatoes on the Back Porch

Planting potatoes in a container is an easy way to add this vegetable to any garden, big or small.  One of the best containers for growing potatoes is the potato bag.  A potato grow bag .  The potato bags are eco-friendly and are re-usable. During the winter they don't take up much room at all since they fold flat for storage.

Growing organic potatoes is easy with Bosmere potato planter bags. Bosmere potato bags are made out of polyethylene.  These 18" H x 14" W potato grow bags have drainage holes already in the bottom. One bag is big enough for three to five potato plants, depending on their size. The Bosmere potato planter bags come with specific, easy-to-follow growing instructions.

Growing Potatoes - Back Porch Gardens & on Patios, Decks, Balcony Container Gardens

A potato bag is the perfect way to grow potatoes in a back porch garden.  Planting potatoes in a potato grow bag is perfect for container gardens on the back porch, patio, deck, balcony, or as part of a large garden area.  The great thing about using potato planter bags to grow potatoes is that it cuts down on the extensive maintenance other gardens need.  Using this small container garden tool nearly eliminates weeding, watering, and worrying about ruining the crop.  Just plant the seed potatoes and follow the directions until harvest. 

Where to Buy a Potato Bag?

To get started growing potatoes for this season buy a Potato Planter Bag from Amazon Some gardeners use the potato planter bags to grow other vegetables as well, so shop around for seeds, starts, outdoor garden decorations, and gardening supplies and tools. 

If the summertime back porch garden yeilds satisfactory potatoes consider growing organic potatoes all year.  Potatoes need to stay out of freezing weather, but with potato bags and a mini greenhouse some gardeners grow potatoes year-round.  There are other potato bags besides the Bosmere potato bag, however the Bosmere is highly rated by customers on Amazon. 

Growing an Organic Porch Garden

When people decide to grow potatoes and tomatoes in back porch garden areas they should always use organic products.  With a small, back porch container garden that utilizes the potato bags as planters, weeding is not an issue.  The smaller contained gardens are easier to maintain.  Growing an organic garden on the back porch is easier than in a yard area because the planters, containers, or hanging planters control the growth of weeds. Buy organic fertilizer and organic Organic Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes for Tomato GardeningCredit: Amazon.comsoil to grow potatoes and tomatoes in the back porch garden area.  Do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The difference is a matter of health.

Try Jobe's or Dr. Earth organic soil and fertilizer.  The Jobe's organic fertilizer spikes for vegetables and tomatoes is super easy to use and is also eco-friendly.  Just stick a spike in the potato or tomato bag planter and the fertilizer spike releases its organic growth boosting material over several weeks.  Always read the ingredients when buying soil and fertilizers. Composting and mulching are excellent for gardening. 

Back Porch Garden Decor

To enhance the back porch garden use decorative solar lights, outdoor garden decorations, and weather vanes. Consider a small, portable outside fire pit to make an awesome back porch area look and feel relaxing.Home Depot, Target, Walmart, local garden stores, Amazon, and online gardening stores are excellent places to buy containers, gardening supplies, seeds, starts, and unique vegetables or flowers.

Grow Organic Potatoes on the Back Porch

Garden Potato Bag

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