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If you’re a blogger and want to know the top 5 daily habits of successful bloggers, you have it in this article. Straight off, I’d say a person’s habits would define his or her success in life. And this quote by Mike Litman says it all:

“People form habits and habits form futures. Successful people make a habit of doing things they don’t want to do, success is not easy, it’s challenging.”

How true this is for blogging! Sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing but you have to commit to it in order to achieve success. If you only write when you feel like it, you may not update your blog consistently and it’s vital to do so.

Successful bloggers have a daily check list which includes the following top 5 habits and if you want to get into the league of productive bloggers, you must find a way to cultivate these habits.

Definition of Habits

Wikipedia says it’s “an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically.”

Google says it's a "settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

So, when we talk about blogging success habits, we’re referring to the qualities you constantly display, instinctively, that would contribute to your success as a blogger.

So, What are the Top 5 Daily Habits of Productive Bloggers?

  • Daily Reading

Readers, they say, are leaders. I’m a writer and I honestly see no way you can write well if you’re not committed to daily reading. The reading may even be way out of your niche but it helps to keep your mind alert and fresh (with new and bubbling ideas).

As you already know, blogging is intellectual in nature but reading makes it easy on you by exposing you to other peoples’ ideas and different writing styles, so, you can come up with your own unique writing style and technique. On a daily basis, successful bloggers commit to reading good blogs, books and magazines to sharpen their writing skills.

When I talk about a daily reading habit, I’m not talking about reading a whole book daily (it’s good if you can). It can be just a chapter of a book but make sure you read every blessed day.

  • Daily Learning and Application

Aside reading, successful bloggers listen to tapes, CDs and audio programs of productive bloggers. They learn more about blogging this way and apply the lessons learnt to their blogging business. They also watch video tutorials of successful bloggers and entrepreneurs; learn lessons, which they then apply to their own business. Put in another way, productive bloggers commit not only to learning new things daily but to applying the lessons learnt. They have a budget for training programs that would better their lot in the field of blogging. They develop themselves. If you want to be a successful blogger, you must commit to personal development and growth.

  • Daily Writing

Aside reading and listening, productive bloggers commit to a daily writing schedule. Even if the article is not posted the very day it was written, successful bloggers make a habit of writing daily. It helps them stay true to their blogging goals and remain consistent in the ‘blogosphere’.

  • Daily Marketing

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, starts with a single step and as much as they commit to developing themselves, reading and writing daily, successful bloggers know they can only succeed if they market their blog and they commit to doing this daily. They have a blog marketing checklist and they tick off tasks on the list as they accomplish them daily. Their mantra is, ‘the day must not end without completing one of the tasks on my blog marketing checklist.’

  • Daily Networking

The social media plays a major role in the success of blogs these days and successful bloggers know they must get onto social networks daily. Even though social media sites can sometimes be a distraction, productive bloggers plan how to effectively use them to get more readers and move on to actualise their plans. Most times, I really don’t open my social media accounts until I’m through with the tasks on my daily to-do list (to avoid the distraction of the social media). Daily networking also involves replying to emails, blog comments, looking for blogs partners and networks, etc.

There you have it, top five habits of productive bloggers. How many of these qualities do you have? Be honest with yourself and cultivate the habits you currently lack. And while you’re thinking about that, let me quickly say, blogging is all about personal discipline, having a positive mental attitude and being goal-driven.

Without self - discipline, your blog would carry stale content as you would only work on your blog when you feel like it, even though Mike Litman talks about successful people doing things they don’t want to do, in the quote above.

A positive mental attitude is also essential to succeed. You just must believe you cannot fail. Even when you have no one visiting your blog, you still believe you will break through. Without this quality, you’d give up just when success is beckoning.

Being goal-driven is also vital to blogging success. Successful bloggers take pleasure in setting and achieving goals. It’s a fuel to their spirit and soul. It energizes them to go for more. If you also want to succeed with blogging, you’ve got to learn how to set goals and work towards their attainment.

Last Word and Action TakeAway

If you really want to get into the league of the world’s most successful bloggers, you have to cultivate these traits and work on your blog daily. Let no day end without you doing one or two of the tasks on your blogging checklist. Commit to it! It’s not going to be easy, but, it’s do-able. And if other bloggers have successfully done it and become productive, you can too! But, it all starts with a firm decision on your part, so, are you ready to commit to working on your blog on a daily basis? I guess the answer is yes, so, get off your butts and get to work NOW! The rewards would definitely outshine the work you have to put in.