Halloween costumes for teenagers
Credit: www.pixabay.com

Whether you are dressing up as a witch, a cute fairy or a member of the Justice League, there are many Halloween costumes for teenagers out there.

The tales of Edward Scissorhands are very frightening.  They make the "Miss" Scissorhands version of the costume so even teenage girls can dress up as something scary for Halloween.  The Scissorhands Halloween kit comes with the dress, a black white, the gloves with the creepy scissors included, necklace and belt for the dress.  If you do your makeup right, you could really scare some people with this costume.

Edward Scissorhands Miss Scissorhands Complete Costume Kit - Tween Small
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(price as of Nov 3, 2016)

If you are looking to scare just about everyone in the neighborhood, a homecoming horror queen is definitely the costume to do it with.  Dressing up in a beautiful blue dress with a "homecoming queen" sash and adding blood to it makes this dress perfect for a scary costume.  Adding a fake knife through the head and applying makeup similar to a zombie makes this costume extra scary.  This homecoming horror queen outfit will definitely be a top winner at costume party.  Be sure to add all the makeup for the finishing touches.

How would you like to be a walking laffy taffy?  This is a hilarious costume that will have anyone laughing as they walk past you.  Since everyone knows that banana is one of the best flavors of laffy taffy out there, they will understand that this is also one of the best best costumes ever.  The laffy taffy costume is made into a dress with straps and also comes with a headband to wear along with it.  The headband has a banana right on the top which adds extra cuteness to the outfit.  There is just one size for the teenage sized costume which is a 13-16 which is an overall average size.  If you feel as though you need something bigger or smaller you can look into the various adult sizes that are available.  This is a very unique costume and it is likely that you are the only one at the event with such a creative costume to wear.

Banana Laffy Taffy Teenage Costume - Teen Size 13-16
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(price as of Nov 3, 2016)

There are many more outfits out there for a teenager to wear.  Between wearing something scary, cute or plain funny is something that you will want to think about ahead of time.  As a teenager you may still like to get out there and do some trick or treating with your friends or family.  You will get all kinds of wonderful comments with many of these great costumes as you go from door to door.  Be sure to make them even more unique by adding your own accessories and ideas to them.  Be creative and remember that the sky is the limit.  If you aren't into trick or treating anymore, it is probably very likely that your friends will host a Halloween party or you will have one taking place at your school where you can show off your unique Halloween costume.  If you partaking in a school function, make sure your costume is appropriate for school functions.  You may want to double check with the office if there are any rules when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.  The fun and thrill of this Holiday excitement is amazing.