Several Treatment Options Available for Hay Fever

The best, and simplest, method to cope with hay fever is to always stay clear of things that are found to set off a response.  Naturally, this isn’t really possible, but reducing your contact needs to be the first step in a successful course of treatment. The methods to treat hay fever are numerous. In reality, all these techniques can be categorized in 3 main classifications: medicinal drugs, homeopathic solutions (home remedies) and other treatments.


When you encounter allergens, your body reacts by releasing Histamine, which causes the symptoms you experience with hay fever. Because of this, the quickest way to gain relief might be with an anti-histamine of some form. Anti-histamines fight the effect of histamine and give comfort from hay fever symptoms. However, you shouldn’t wait until you feel symptoms of hay fever to take an anti-histamine. This is due to the fact that when you are beginning to have allergy symptoms, your immune system has released the histamine and the damage is completed. All an anti-histamine has the potential at this time is stop the release of extra histamine. Because of this, anti-histamines undoubtedly are a much more effective remedy for hay fever if used daily during the allergy season. These treatments can be employed to minimize and treat allergic rhinitis conditions.

Anti-histamines are available in many different forms such as tablets, eye-drops, inhalers, as well as nebulizers. Both over the counter (OTC) and prescription, some of the common brands are Clarityn, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Piriteze, Loratadine, Cetirizine, and also Piriton. Further, many manufacturers provide suitable varieties of these products for kids.

To cope with other symptoms like nasal congestion and inflammation, a decongestant can provide relief. Decongestants like pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) may be bought OTC in either tablet as well as liquid form.  Another type of decongestant which has been shown helpful are nasal sprays. They can be used to prevent and treat symptoms of Hay fever. Makes like Afrin or Allerclear seem to be the better known nasal sprays around. A clear nose will help you feel better immediately. Beware of overusing these items though. Oral decongestants could have unwelcome side affects  such as insomnia, higher blood pressure and an elevated heart-rate. Whats more, nasal sprays can in fact make things worse if used extensively, producing a rebound effect. Used correctly decongestants can help you immensely though.

As you can see allergy and hay fever medication are available OTC in many types, and for severe cases prescription strength medication is obtainable and effective.

Home Remedies

For those with moderate cases, hay fever could very well be managed adequately using simple home remedies along with allergy-proofing your house. However, even for those with more difficult cases such methods will prove helpful in managing the symptoms of allergies.
There are a number of home remedies which have been found effective at managing the symptoms of hay fever.

* Consuming honey on a regular basis can help desensitize your body to the allergens found in pollen. Be sure it is unprocessed honey for maximum benefit.

*Applying petroleum cream (or lip gel) around your nostrils helps prevent allergens from entering as you breath.

* Taking herbs such as Garlic (which is a natural decongestant) and Ginger (can help support the immune system).

* Keeping all things in and around the house clean - especially dusting and washing the carpets frequently.

* Have the windows and doors closed and use the A/C during hay fever season.

* Know when the hay fever season is in your area and have prevention and treatment strategies in place.

Other Solutions

Additionally medications and home remedies there are still some alternative healthcare methods which have been shown to help. Allergy shots, or immunotherapy have a  success rate and perhaps might be very nearly a cure subsequent to an extended period of treatment. They work by progressively exposing your immune system to the antigen and therefore successively lessening your reaction to it. Some individuals have had good results employing a combination of herbal remedies and supplements, while others even report that things such as hypnosis and acupuncture have helped.

It is extremely tough to prevent hay fever as pollen and spores cause it. Still treatment options are available to help control and treat your symptoms. Figuring out the things that stimulate your allergies and having a treatment strategy set up in advance will help you reduce the consequences they have on your life.