Coconut oil is probably something you have in your kitchen already, especially if you are into natural healing and alternative medicine.  Many people use it in replace of their olive oil or even worse for your body, the canola or vegetable oil.

If you have coconut oil in your home, you probably know that in the summer months the oil turns into liquid and in the winter months it returns to the solid state and you will have to melt it in your hands before you use it.

There are so many uses and ways to heal yourself with it.

Coconut Oil

One great way to use coconut oil is to use it as a hair mask.  It will coat and provide great nutrients to your hair to keep it healthy.  You can get rid of that dull look and get some shine back into your hair.  It can also be used as a conditioner.  It will also help control frizzy hair.  If you have a problem with frizzy hair, you will definitely be impressed with this method.  Though your hair may look a little oily when used, it is best just to use a small amount in your hands and rub it into your roots.


Another awesome way to use coconut oil is to use it for pulling.  When you do this you simply melt a little bit of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around once it turns to liquid. Pull it in and out between your teeth as well as swishing it back and forth from side to side.  Some people place the oil in a mug into the microwave for a few seconds, but this method isn't as convenient as it tends to make a mess if it is used right away in liquid form.  When you do this you will pull all of the toxins out of your mouth.  Make sure you spit out the oil once you are done.  A good time frame to pull for is about 15-20 minutes.  Any less than 15 minutes and the effects are not as good.  Swallowing any of the coconut oil could give you an awful headache and may make you very sick.  After you spit it out, make sure you rinse your mouth out with cold water as well.


Using it as a lotion is another way to use this healing oil.  For people who suffer from dry skin, they need just a little bit and it will help moisturize your skin.  Parents with babies will find that it is beneficial to use as a diaper cream as well.  The healing properties of this oil are absolutely phenomenal.  It even works great to heal cuts and scrapes that you may have.


Cooking with this amazing oil is really great!  Some people notice a coconut taste when they use it for cooking and others don't notice it at all.  Before you dismiss it, if you are not a fan of the taste of coconut, try it first.  You may not even notice the taste.  Certain brands will have a stronger taste than others as well.  If you are using it for sauteing food, the taste will be minimal, especially if you use other seasoning on your food along with it.  Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with.  Replacing all of your other cooking oils with this one is a great idea and a more healthy alternative.


One of the main ingredients in many of the more expensive lotions is coconut oil.  This has  been proven to reduce stretch marks if applied regularly during pregnancy.  It can be applied by itself without any other additives for amazing results.  This is much more affordable than buying those stretch mark creams anyway.


The SPF in coconut oil is low, but it can still be used as a sun protector as well as a tanning oil.  It has a low SPF of around 3 or 4 but it can definitely make a difference. Coconut oil is so much better for your skin than applying a sunscreen that is full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.


coconut oil

Non GMO Organic Coconut Oil

Anxiety and depression have been proven to be reduced when it is used in a person's diet regularly.  It is amazing how a person's mood can change when they are deficient in a certain mineral.  It also has been proven to increase the energy of a person as well.  Some people find it beneficial to place a tablespoon in a morning shake or smoothie to start off their day.  If you can tolerate taking a spoonful of this in your mouth raw, you will notice some amazing beneficial effects take place within your body.  If you can only handle the taste of it when you cook with it, that is very beneficial for you as well.  It doesn't have to be taken raw to get great benefits from it.


Other uses include shaving cream, deodorant, cream for eye wrinkles and mixing with a lavender oil to use for a peaceful night of sleep.  You may know about the old trick of putting a drop of warm olive oil in a child's ear to help with ear pain.  The benefits of using all natural warm coconut oil has an even better effect.  It has even been proven to help with ear infections as well.  Skip the antibiotics this time and cure your kids the natural way.


There are hundreds of uses of coconut oil.  The ones mentioned above are just a few uses and benefits.  Purchasing a travel sized bottle is a great idea so you can have it with you whenever you need it.  It is amazing how much better you will feel after you begin to use it on a daily basis.  When you do purchase your oil, just make sure you get one that is of great quality.  The quality will definitely play a roll in how it works.  If you purchase an organic brand you can ensure that you are getting one made with only the best ingredients.