The Netlfix Original Series Hemlock Grove came back around with its second season this July and fans were left just as confused from the ending s they were with the first season. Unlike the first season, which drew its story from the book Hemlock Grove by Brain McGreevy, the second season could only expand on the universe after exhausting the original source material. It seems that the creators love raising questions in their series, but hate answering them until the next go around.

While many of the questions for the first season of Hemlock Grove were answered, the second season raised a whole new series of questions. However, like in season one, I am here to help confused fans with a little bit of educated speculation.

Note: Those looking for an answers to Hemlock Grove's third and final season can find them here.

roman and nadia

How did Roman End Up with a Baby?

The child is Letha's (Roman's half-sister, then known as cousin) child from season one. She died during child birth, but her baby did not. Dr. Pryce lied on the death certificate saying that the child died as well. As for why Dr. Pryce lied and gave the child to Roman, there was not even a hint as to the answer. Perhaps he thought it belonged with its biological father rather than either one of its grandparents. Most likely he thought that Norman Godfrey and his wife could not handle a child with latent Upirism, as it was born with a caul, and that Olivia would twist it as she did her own children.

Regardless, as the baby lived and Letha died, Roman did not seem to have much love for it. Nor did it seem to like him very much. However, it bonded to Miranda making her a surrogate mother.

Many fans believe that Olivia planned to breed some sort of "super" upir and that she thought it was Roman, calling him a dragon, which is likely what the Order of the Dragon was formed to fight against. However, when she found out that Roman was a bit of a disappointment and that she had a grandchild, she wanted to raise it as her own. As it turns out, the baby is the "queen of the damned" or the antichrist.

hemlock grove dragon

What is with the Dragon at the End?

Near the end of season 2, Dr. Arnold Spevik revealed his nefarious plans that he, too, wanted the baby for an unrevealed scheme. He was thought to be killed by Olivia, but instead returned to Godfrey Tower as a giant dragon, manta ray thing to scoop the baby and Miranda up as she jumped off the tower.

Now as for exactly what he is, there are two viable theories floating around the internet right now.

The first is that he is a dragon, even if he looks like a crazy flying manta ray. He is actually Norse in origin, thus his hatred of people from Norway. While there are a few dragons of ill-intent in Norse mythology, Spevik is most likely Jormungand. This giant serpent born of Loki and a giantess was cast into the ocean by Odin and, though not evil, considered to be the enemy of the gods. He grew so large that he could completely encircle the world and grasp his own tail in his mouth. If he were to let go of that tail, it would bring about Ragnarok, the end of the world. This only gives the theory more plausibility, what with that whole Ouroboros theme Hemlock Grove has going on. The primary problem is that while having snake-like features, Spevik doesn't much look like a snake or a dragon. He looks like a manta ray. We all can see that.

The second theory is that Spevik is a fallen angel, or maybe just a demon. Hey, if werewolves and vampires exist, why can't they? There's not much evidence to this theory except that he was seen whisking away the antichrist.

Alternatively, Olivia did state that she and Spevik are blood relatives. So perhaps this is just some mutated form of Upir.

ouroboros project

What is the Ouroboros Project?

This was a solid question from season one of Hemlock Grove, but it wasn't clearly answered in the second season.

The Ouroboros Project was to take life from the first point of conception and grow a full human body through some kind of quickened cell growth procedure. Ideally, this was supposed to be Dr. Pryce's great scientific breakthrough, creating walking, talking, thinking artificial life. However, he sacrificed that to give it to Shelley so she could have a normal life. Dr. Pryce lied about its cognitive abilities to get Shelley to have her consciousness transferred into the body, as she was against the idea of taking an actual life.

The goop in the tank that Olivia and Roman were eating to sleight their Upir hunger was the failed experiments and by-products of the project. There was something about the way the blood, plasma and tissue was created that fed Upirs better than regular human blood, sustaining them. Which leads to...

olivia season 2

Why did Olivia Eat New Shelley?

Olivia is one tough cookie to figure out. First she seems to love her children, then she eats them.

Anyway, Olivia is faced with her own mortality. She is healing slowly for an Upir, aging and has cancer. She also begins to suspect that Dr. Pryce is standing in the way of helping her get better. Some even speculate that he made her sick. When faced with their own mortality, people do crazy and desperate things, or in this case, rather selfish things.

After he falling out with Norman, who told her what exactly all the drugs she is taking do and how she will die of cancer, Olivia likely lost the good person she was trying to be. She ate the unicorn, so to speak. That artificial being is the perfected form of what Dr. Pryce was feeding her when she was an Upir.

Thus, like the Russia doctor promised, the perfect form would not only sustain her, but heal her. It seemed to do just that, seeing as she ripped Norman's heart right out of his chest.

Not read up on the original source material for the series? Now's your chance, but it only covers season one.

That's all I got. We will just have to wait for the third season, if there is one, to have more questions answered and likely more questions raised.

If you have a particular question about the Hemlock Grove Season 2 ending that you want answered, leave a comment and I can try to help you out. It may even end up in this article providing I can answer it.