No doubt “Diabetes” has been affecting the world population in a large-scale. New inventions and medical treatments are emerging day by day to control this silent killing medical condition. Though people are able to control diabetes with modern medications and treatment methods, they are as well exposed to a lot of side effects that these carry along. A few of the troublesome side effects that the diabetic patients experience include diarrhea, nausea, itchy skin, digestive problems, inflamed hands and feet and at times even fever.

Considering the debilitating effects of these medications, many diabetic individuals are on lookout for alternative remedies that effectively control and ease the condition. One such alternative method is seeking herbal cure which has been greatly followed by countries like India from ancient days. Most of these herbs naturally grow on planet earth and a few of them are readily available in Indian kitchens. Let us study in details about these valuable herbs that can naturally control your diabetes.


Cinnamon which is a chief kitchen ingredient in many of the Indian homes has great diabetes controlling properties. It can improve your insulin sensitivity and reduce the blood glucose levels. Cinnamon is available as powder, fresh barks and capsules. Sprinkling the cinnamon powder over your breakfast toast or adding it your evening tea has a good impact on your blood glucose levels. Besides controlling diabetes, its fat burning property helps you lose some weight. By just adding a half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your daily tea, you can control diabetes effectively and shed those layers of abdominal fat.  

Basil leaves

Basil is regarded as a holy plant in India. This wonderful age-old herb has a lot of medicinal properties and has a growing demand globally. The basil leaves are packed with essential oils and antioxidants. Green tea made of basil leaves offers you a complete health and eases many medical conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, some forms of cancers, heart ailments, etc. Being rich in antioxidants, basil offers you weight loss as well as slows your ageing process. When diabetics drink green tea made of basil leaves, the spike in blood sugar levels which usually happen after meals is effectively controlled.


Bittergourd is a vegetable which is well-known for its bitter taste. Still people of India consume it largely due to its diabetic controlling property. Bittergrourd is rich in a bio-chemical called polypeptide-P which is recognized as the plant insulin. Including it in the daily diet once a week can show effective results. You can take it either raw by preparing a juice out of it or in a curry form. For fast results try drinking the raw juice once in three days.


Neem is a perennial herb found plenty in India. Each and every part of Neem tree like its leaf, stem, flower and fruit has a unique medicinal property. When taken regularly, it can greatly reduce your dependence on diabetic drugs. You can extract a decoction out of neem leaves and have it in empty stomach in the morning. This improves your blood circulation as well as the production of insulin in the body. Planting a neem tree around your house premises ensures lifelong health, as it is healthy to inhale the fragrance of neem tree. Every morning when you go out of the house, just picking a few neem tulips and chewing them offers you a lot health benefits.

Final words

The above mentioned herbs play a great role in controlling your blood glucose levels and offering you a wholesome herbal cure for your diabetes. Other age-old herbal options which you can try consuming to slash your diabetes include flax seeds, ginseng, Indian blackberry, drumstick leaves, fenugreek, Aloe Vera, garlic, cabbage, Indian gooseberry, onion, cucumber, ginger, etc. Most of these plant-based products are available in Indian stores all across the world. Try them and relieve yourself from the side effects of modern medications.