Do you remember that song called Blinded By The Light? That's the song I hear when I have to drive at night; especially on two-lane country roads. In the past several years, I have noticed that car and truck lights are getting brighter and brighter. Driving at night is getting to be not only unpleasant, but downright dangerous.

Anyone reading this that is over the age of 55 may have noticed that driving at night can be a little more challenging than it used to be. I did curtail a lot of my night driving, but with a nice, clean windshield and other driver's minding their high beams, I didn't feel like I wouldn't make it home. With the proliferation of these mega-bright LED and high definition headlights, it's like driving with high beams constantly burning a hole in your retinas.

I hope these lights are outlawed soon. Here are a few reasons why I think high definition headlights should be banned from our nation's roads:

1. It Forces My Safe Driving Habits To Become Unsafe

headlightsCredit: Pixabay FreeOne evening, I was heading home from work around 11:30p.m.. The road is a very dark, two-lane country road with winding curves and several miles of no shoulder. Along the no shoulder are guard rails that practically sit on the yellow line.

That road takes concentration even in the daytime. That particular evening as I was driving along the curvy area with no shoulder, I saw what appeared to be a giant set of CSX train lights coming towards me in the other lane.

As it came nearer, my whole world turned white. I lost all vision and sense of the road. I was totally blinded. I immediately took my foot off the gas and braced for a scraping against the guardrail. After the vehicle went by, my eyes continued to suffer from bright white afterglow. All I could do was crawl along trying to make the yellow line come back into focus.

It is an understatement to say I was very upset and frightened by the experience. This person not only had high definition headlights on their vehicle, but each one was the size of a small pizza. Where I live, it is not uncommon to see trucks and jeeps with 6 of these blinding lights attached to their roofs and bumpers.

2. We Have Survived Without You Since The 1920's

For what purpose were these lights created? For safety reasons? I, and millions of other mature drivers have survived all these decades with our regular high-beams. High beam headlights became a standard safety accessory for automobiles around 1927. If we as a driving nation have survived with regular high beams for almost 100 years, we can do it another 100 years. Standard high beams can be used only when needed; unlike the high definition lights that stay that way all the time.

That's another reason to ban these lights. There is no cause for courtesy to the eyes of another driver. I could never feel comfortable as a driver knowing that my lights are blinding another driver.

Imagine the danger of this glare on a rainy night

3. Your Convenience Violates My Rights

Your right to want to see 3 miles ahead of you ends when I can't see anything at all. I am going to go ahead and use the word for people and auto manufacturing companies that are enamored with these blinding lights; selfish.  You need to experience the double-whammy of being tailgated for miles by a vehicle with blinding LED's while one is coming at you with equally blinding high definition headlights.

It doesn't make sense or add to road safety when the majority of vehicles coming at each other at night will be blinding the other driver, does it? I truly believe that drivers are not fans of these headlights because they don't want to run over a poor little critter.

They are impatient driving within the scope of vision that comes with a normal headlight range at night. In other words, they want to light up the night to look like day so they can drive like inconsiderate fiends day or night.

 With more and more drivers complaining about the dangers of overly-bright headlights, local and state governments are beginning to take notice about the issue. I hope to see these types of lights banned very soon. What about you? Have you been blinded while driving by someone with high definition or LED headlights?