Gifts that children can make for celebrations such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or Christmas!

These inexpensive gifts are sure to be treasured!

Using simple materials from around the home, your children can create wonderful gifts that are sure to be cherished. These gifts mainly use paint and paper although they can be altered to suit the materials that you have available.

Paint(108013)Credit: Nicolas Raymond from

Artwork Placemats and Coasters


A4 sheets of paper for the placemats

One A4 sheet of paper cut into 6 for the coasters


Laminating Sheets

Decorative materials such as paint, felt pens, glitter and glue



Ask your child to decorate the pieces of paper using paint, crayons, felt pens. Add glue and glitter if you like. This can be done over several days if your child prefers.

Leave to dry completely.

Laminate all of the pieces of paper.

Cut out the coasters.

Wrap in a nice gift set.



You can use coloured A4 paper for a different look.

Cut the coasters into circles or other shapes.

Use decorative scissors to create a shaped edge for the coasters and placemats.


Painting SetCredit: Bjorgvin Gudmundsson from


Create a portrait of the recipient using paper, paint and commonly found materials from around the home.



A3 sheet of paper (white or coloured)


Decorative materials such as felt, material pieces, grass, wool, twigs




Ask your child to paint a portrait of the recipient. This could be a full length portrait or a simple face portrait.

Use the felt and material to add dimension to the picture. These could be cut into the shapes of clothes.

Use the wool or grass for hair, beards or moustaches.

Leave to dry completely.



You could use the circular plastic part from the top of milk cartons for glasses.


Self-portrait(108016)Credit: Brian Norcross from


For the reader in the family, your child could create a custom bookmark using paper and paint!


5 x 15 cm piece of paper or cardboard (white or coloured) for each bookmark



Laminating pouches

3 pieces of 20cm long wool

Hole punch



Ask your child to use the paint to decorate the piece of paper or cardboard. They could paint a picture or write a special message.

Leave to dry.

Laminate the bookmark and cut out.

Use a hole punch in the centre at the top of the bookmark and thread through the 3 strands of wool. Tie a knot to attach the wool.



Use decorative scissors to cut the edge of the bookmark.