My blood pressure has been creeping up for a few years, and by the time I got to a physical my Doctor became concerned and I was put on some medication as it was in the 140s.  I promised to make some changes and faithfully go to the drug store and use their blood pressure machine to stay on track.

But sometimes it can be difficult to get out and about in the winter, and I thought my pressure was staying in range, but was only checking once a week.  It was suggested I purchase a home monitor, and I opted for a wrist version as it was cheaper.

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Wrist Blood Pressure Was Totally Inaccurate For Me!

Now this is what happened to me personally, maybe others have had great results with the wrist version, but even following the instruction to the letter, the numbers were way off. 

I Had a Mini Stroke or TIA and the Wrist Monitor Showed I was in Perfect Range!!

On January 8th I awoke to feeling off, and as the day wore on I felt worse, as if I had grown gills in my neck.  I couldn’t stand anything around my neck including the sweater I was wearing, and my ears were ringing and I felt like I would explode out the top of my head.

My left side began to get weak and shaky, especially my leg, and I was convinced it was the flu..  My hubby got out my wrist blood pressure monitor and said “see if it has gone up”  I used it and it said I was 120/80, we did it 3 times.  He decided I needed to go to the hospital 5 minutes away as something was wrong with my left side, and they took my BP and it was 205/119.

I was started on emergency medication and tests.  I told them about the wrist monitor, and they felt that for women especially they are not accurate as they rely on the veins in the wrist to get the pressure.  I was told to spend the extra money and get a proper name brand cuff style monitor.

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OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Cuff Style

This is an accurate machine.  If you are going to invest in a home version, get a good name brand such as this one, and follow the instructions and keep track.  Some monitors will store the last few measurements but I would personally write them down so you can see any patterns.

Carbohydrates Can Raise Blood Pressure is Some People

I have to watch my blood sugar, but I control it with diet.  I exercise daily and so was surprised when I had that mini stroke or a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack).  This is a HUGE warning that things are not right in your body.  For me, I did notice by monitoring at home, that my BP would go up for a good couple of days if I ate too much bread or starch.home blood pressure machineCredit:

By having a home monitor you can keep track of these things and maybe change your diet or lifestyle to find what works best for you.  If you catch it early enough, life style and diet may be enough to keep things normal. 

For me, I had to go on two medications, and it still wasn’t totally normal, until I cut back on starches, and then it dropped into a great range.  So medication is an aide, you still need to work on some things yourself.

Be Proactive and Work On Yourself

My Doctor told me at my last visit that she was proud I was making changes, because she had some patients who were on numerous meds and would rather pop pills than change their diets or lifestyles. 

Unless you have a drugstore around the corner with an accurate machine that you can go to different times of the day to figure when your pressure gets better or worse, it would be a good idea to invest in your own home blood pressure machine.

IF I Had Depended on the Wrist Style Monitor I May Not Have Survived!

Stick with a proper arm cuff style, yes they cost a little more, and go with a known brand if you are investing your money.  After all, this is your health.  If I had depended on that cheaper wrist band style, I may not have been here today.

We are all responsible for our own well being.  Take care of yourself.  Get regular checkups and get the right equipment to help you make the right choices.