Home improvement is the process of making a house, apartment, or condominium better. These improvements can be structural, electrical, plumbing, or aesthetic. Increasing the appeal of the house in these areas can increase the value and comfort of the home in question.

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is changing the appearance or functionality of a building or room. Kitchens and bathrooms are frequent targets of remodeling. The counters, floors, and lighting can all be upgraded and made to be more efficient and friendly to the person utilizing the space. Remodeling can be as simple as painting a wall or adding some accents or as complex as adding an additon to your current house.

Home Remodeling can be a fairly expensive process and is often done room by room giving the homeowners sometime between projects to get a bit more money to spend for the next room. Remodeling is occasionally done during phases of the family. The house a newlywed couple lives in may not be suitable for a growing family with several children. Then the children move away and the couple might decide to change things around once again.

Planning for a home remodeling project can save a lot of time, sweat, tears, and MONEY.

Home Restoration

Home Restoration is a bit more detailed. If an older home in an historic area is purchased the home owner may try to restore it to its original condition. This includes period colors, wallpapers, flooring, and furniture.

Home Restoration is a rather intense experience and can be extremely expensive. This is normally done either to comply with the historic area rules or because of a great love of the history of the home. A building that has great historic significance is restored to honor the person or event that occurred there.

House Flipping

You notice that the phrasing changed from HOME to HOUSE here and that is with good reason. House flipping is strictly a monetary proposition. A home in poor condition, but hopefully in a good neighborhood, is purchase and improved to such an extent that it can be sold for a large profit.

Houses that are being flipped are sometimes go the extra mile and do home staging before selling. Staging the home gives people an idea of what the house will look like when it has furniture in it but without all the clutter of being an actual persons stuff.

This practice increased dramatically during the housing boom of the early 2000's. The potential for profit is dramatic but house flipping is a speculative investment and there is no guarantee on a return.

There are many methods of home improvement available for home owners and investors. Finding the right improvements for the right house can be the difference between a comfortable and possibly lucrative investment and a dingy and money losing investment.