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Hooters of Honolulu Information:

Address: 1 Aloha Tower Dr #110, Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone:    (808) 524-4668

Hooters of Honolulu is located in the Aloha Tower. Parking in Honolulu is always at a premium but down by the Aloha Tower between 5:30 and 7 PM, it wasn't that difficult to find. A spot will cost you $5 if you can find it, and there is an option to get valet parking for $10. Take advantage of walking around a bit the surrounding area and Aloha Tower and the $5 is more than worth it.

Hooters sits right on the dock and has a pretty good size outdoor seating arrangement of about 10 tables. However, the entire dockside of the restaurant is open, so that if you're not really outside then it feels like you are. We got outside seating and were able to watch a cruise depart and a traditional Hawaiian dance performance right on the dock for passengers. Bonus.

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This is where it gets a little tricky for me. I love Hooters' wings. Always have. However, I'm a little uncomfortable eating at the restaurant with my family (wife and two grown daughters 19 and 20). Not because of what usually comes to mind with the Hooters image, but because of the variance of why people frequent the place.

Example: On this particular Saturday night my family wanted wings. We got them and were enjoying a family dinner, talking, and taking photos of the cruise ship and dancers. However, a few feet away was a large group, primarily male (which you would expect at a Hooters) that was taking advantage of apps, beer and being a little loud. There is nothing wrong with this. I'm just suggesting that you be aware that this kind of atmosphere could be present even if you just want to treat your daughters to some wings.


Hooters prices are always affordable in my opinion. 50 wings cost us $39.99. This isn't the best Hooters price I've seen, but we're in Honolulu and a high touristy area (we ate next to a cruise ship, remember).

The happy hour specials are great but non-existent on the weekend. Still, I got a draft, domestic beer for $4.50.


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We were seated right away by a pleasant young lady in typical Hooters garb. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. She refilled my family's drinks before they were done and asked me if I wanted another beer just as I finished the first. She did forget to put my order of curly fries in but when I reminded her a few minutes later she produced the fries and took the charge off of my bill for the inconvenience. Awesome.

Final Analysis

I'll definitely go back to Hooters of Honolulu again. The outdoor atmosphere, great wings and cold beer is just what I'm looking for. The kids and wife can window shop before and/or after dinner and I can watch some football.

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Video of Hooter's of Honolulu and Surroundings

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