Six Teams Found Culex Transmits Zika Virus

Wolbachia Enhances Dengue in Aedes Mosquitoes Now

Bill Gates on March 14, 2018
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Those Two Facts Might Seem Unrelated or Unimportant

But They Are Huge. Why Aren't We Being Warned By Public Health?

Many years ago, I read that Bill Gates was overheard at a conference (speaking to scientists) about how our population is allegedly beyond Earth's capacity. 
I can no longer find the exact quote online but I mentioned it in a comment and it was abruptly refuted by "someone" and both of our comments were removed by moderators.
It went something like this:

"If only a mosquito (or insect) bite could provide some type of birth control."


Looks Like Bill Gates Got His Wish Though

It Seems His Secret is Safe With Public Health Authorities

When I published Wolbachia-Infected Mosquitoes Might Reduce Dengue, Enhance Zika, and Cause a Million Souls to Become Sterile November 25th, 2016, I had no idea how deeply Bill Gates was invested in Wolbachia (and the cover-ups to hide what it is doing to vertebrate species).

I concluded Wolbachia was the unspoken co-factor in the Zika crisis after writing several Zika-related articles.

Something that stood out to me immediately was that Zika could be sexually transmitted. A fact strongly downplayed until August 2016. Shown below is a screenshot from my blog:

RoseWrites | A Blog for the Underdog
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CDC investigates 14 more possible cases of sexually transmitted Zika virus
Credit: Fair Use portion of post by Debra Goldschmidt, CNN February 23, 2016

February 2016 Report by Debra Goldschmidt Stated ~6 Months Earlier:

Officials have not said which states they are working with or where these women live because the risk applies to all women in the United States, according to Dr. Jennifer McQuiston, deputy incident manager for Zika virus at the CDC.
"We have been a little surprised by the number of suspected cases we've received," she told CNN.

How does the risk apply to ALL women?

Does EVERY woman visit EVERY state and have sex with EVERY man living there?

If so, I say, "Bravo ladies!" LOL 

Meanwhile, we were all told about the New York woman who transmitted Zika to her partner, right?

CDC Invested $4.1 Million in Wolbachia-Infected Aedes Releases (Florida)

Miami Herald Miami-Dade just released a bunch of mosquitoes. And that’s a good thing
Credit: Snippet of post by JENNY STALETOVICH of the Miami Herald [Fair Use]

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave the CDC $2,000,000 September 2014.[1]

It's pretty hard [for some] to investigate something Bill & Melinda Gates heavily funds (Wolbachia-infected Aedes) if they have given you $2,000,000 within the last few years.

Does the CDC Reject Evidence? Are Trolls Bullying Researchers?

Known in Entomology: Wolbachia Enhanced Diseases

Next up are fair use portions of actual studies that state Wolbachia has enhanced diseases in various mosquito species.

As stated in several of my Zika-Wolbachia posts:

Wolbachia, depending on the species and environmental conditions, is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It can either impede or promote a pathogen's replication and survival (including viruses).
Examples for a neutral or pro-pathogenic effect of Wolbachia include Brugia pahangi (Dutton and Sinkins, 2005), Japanese encephalitis Virus (Tsai et al.,  2006), Drosophila C Virus (Osborne et al., 2009) and Plasmodium gallinaceum (Baton et al., 2013).
Wolbachia Can Enhance Plasmodium Infection in Mosquitoes: Implications for Malaria Control?
Credit: Fair Use portion
Wolbachia enhances West Nile virus (WNV) infection in the mosquito Culex tarsalis
Credit: Fair Use portion
As soon as I heard and watched Dr. Constância Ayres and then later Canada's own Dr. Fiona Hunter speak about the similarities between Zika and West Nile virus  I became aware that Wolbachia could be playing some role in the transmission of Zika.
I believed Wolbachia somehow blocked viruses in the smaller Aedes spp. but I knew from my prosthetics studies that the larger, hardier Culex quinquefasciatus can transmit lymphatic filariasis.
I naturally assumed that since Wolbachia (emitted by the worm) is the problematic pathogen —and not the worm itself — that Culex spp. could transmit Wolbachia too. This is not widely known (or is ignored in some circles). 
The Current Logic Rose Webster is Not an MD and Does Not Have a PhD
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And, I found the key quotes that tied Zika to Wolbachia in my mind:

"One phage could potentially be used to modify a broad range of Wolbachia strains (Tanaka et al., 2009; Kent and Bordenstein, 2010; Wang et al., 2013).[2]


"The presence of a virus facilitates the invasion of Wolbachia (Strauß & Telschow, 2015)."[5]

The more I researched where Wolbachia-infected Aedes releases were carried out (knowingly), the more I realized that Wolbachia must be hiding viruses within it.
And it made sense on multiple levels so I wrote Dr. Francis M. Jiggins: You Asked, "How Does Wolbachia Do What It Does?" 
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Now, Wolbachia is ENHANCING Dengue in Aedes

Shouldn't This Study Be Stopping These Releases Around the Globe?

The study Variation in Wolbachia effects on Aedes mosquitoes as a determinant of invasiveness and vectorial capacity[3] by Jessica G. King, Caetano Souto-Maior, Larissa M. Sartori, Rafael Maciel-de-Freitas, and M. Gabriela M. Gomes confirmed my phage theory. 

Wolbachia doesn't block viruses in Aedes but hides them (until the bacteria bursts open and they are released).


Wolbachia is a both a bacteria and reproductive parasite.


AmiD May Allow Wolbachia to Avoid Host Organism

Immune Responses and Help to Suppress Host Immune Responses

Clearly, Wolbachia has evolved to become more difficult for our immune system to fight, evidenced by the paper: AmiD Is a Novel Peptidoglycan Amidase in Wolbachia Endosymbionts of Drosophila melanogaster[4] by Miriam Wilmes, Kirstin Meier, Andrea Schiefer, Michaele Josten, Christian F. Otten, Anna Klöckner, Beate Henrichfreise, Waldemar Vollmer, Achim Hoerauf, and Kenneth Pfarr.

AmiD Is a Novel Peptidoglycan Amidase in Wolbachia Endosymbionts of Drosophila melanogaster
Credit: Fair Use portions

Gq Proteins Listed in Wolbachia-Infected Aedes Patent

Wolbachia Patent Mentions Four Gq Proteins
Credit: Fair Use portion of Wolbachia-infected Aedes Patent

According to Jensen Lab Tissue Expression Database

Here Are the Corresponding GNAQ and GNA11 Human Tissues Targeted

GNAQ and GNA11 Regions Targeted in Humans
Credit: Jensen Lab Tissues | Tissue Expression Database

And the Corresponding GNA14 and GNA15 Human Tissues Targeted

GNA14 and GNA15 Regions Targeted in Humans
Credit: Jensen Lab Tissues | Tissue Expression Database

Many People Were Concerned About Oxitec's Method

But it's a self-limiting, well-studied two-gene modification. (I'm not keen on it, but I'm not nearly as concerned about it as I am about the use of Wolbachia).

Oxitec Ltd Concerns Regarding Wolbachia-Infected Aedes
Credit: Fair Use portion of PDF

Wondering How Bill Gates Remains a Billionaire Even Though He Gives Millions to "Charitable" Causes?

Looks like Bill Gates funds both the disease and the risky, costly "cures".

New Drug Wipes Out Malaria In A Single Dose — But There's One Hitch
Credit: Fair Use portion of post by MICHAELEEN DOUCLEFF on NPR's Goats and Soda

Top 50 Cities Where Zika & Wolbachia Are Most Likely Infecting Humans

Top 50 Cities That Visit Rose Webster's Post About Zika and Wolbachia in Men
Credit: Rose Webster (aka RoseWrites on InfoBarrel)

This Paper Has Been Ignored For Over Three Years

Why? Because of funding clauses, the UN, and "title" people.

Detection of Wolbachia genes in a patient with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Credit: Fair Use portion

FYI, the WHO Is a Branch of the United Nations (UN)

WHO endorsed Wolbachia even AFTER it was shown to infect a human.

Risks of Wolbachia mosquito control by Elgion Lucio Silva Loreto and Gabriel Luz Wallau
Credit: Fair Use portions

Key Funding Limitations by the Canadian Government

Viruses and bacteria work in tandem in the natural environment, however, there is no funding for any chronic or acute virus-bacteria interactions or therapies.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Credit: Key Funding Limitations of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

After I read this post, I wrote to the two doctors mentioned:

Sperm Counts in Western Men Declined By More Than Half
Credit: Fair Use portion

Keep in Mind: Culex Transmit Both Zika & Wolbachia

Global Range of Culex Which Transmit Zika and Wolbachia
Credit: RoseWrites

Notably, Danish Men Have Increased Their Sperm Counts

And there are no Culex tarsalis or rare Culex spp. found in Denmark

Sperm Counts in Danish Men Have Increased Where There's No or Rare Culex
Credit: Fair Use portion

Dr. Alan Bernstein is on the Scientific Advisory Committee

of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He was Director of Research at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Dr. Alan Bernstein, renowned Cancer Biologist and Institutional leader
Credit: Fair Use portion

July 27, 2017: I Wrote to those Doctors at Mt.Sinai

"Many thanks Rose for your email, Hagai" was the only reply (so far)

Wondering Who Stole Your Mojo
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How You Can Help Stop This Crime Against Humanity

I have a petition to help ensure Drs & labs test for this:

You never need to donate, exact information is not required, and family members can sign too:

Acute Inflammatory Response, Uveal Melanoma, or Lymphoma? R/O Rickettsiales (Wolbachia)


Bill Gates Funds Wolbachia-Infected Aedes Releases

And, he funded two studies that "claim" it's okay to use. Now, it's even enhancing disease in Aedes. Shouldn't these releases be stopped?

TRUE: Bill Gates Funds Wolbachia-Infected Mosquitoes Which Are Enhancing Diseases (Even in Aedes) RoseWrites 2018-08-17 5.0 0 5

Causing More Harm Was Considered a Negligible Risk

Bill Gates funds the technology & two studies that claim it's safe enough

Two Studies That Claim Wolbachia-Infected Aedes Are Safe Enough
Credit: Fair Use portions that prove Bill Gates helped fund these studies

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