But Wait... How Does it All Work?

InfoBarrel is redefining the way average users participate in online media sites. By contributing their knowledge in the form of media (articles, videos, picture galleries or sound clips) any user can generate an income stream via the Google Adsense program while simultaneously contributing to a community of knowledge hungry individuals.

1. Signup

The first step to participating on Infobarrel is to signup. Fill in the simple form and confirm your email address and you are ready to go. We highly suggest adding a display picture and telling the other users a little bit about you in your account profile.

2. Create Content

If you are a fluent English speaking individual and can create quality unique content, Infobarrel is the place for you. We thrive on content that is original, if you plan on signing up and posting content found elsewhere on the web, this is most likely not the site for you. Quality content gets more attention, and more attention equals more money in your pocket.

3. Earn Money

Every time a piece of your content is published on InfoBarrel, you have the opportunity to make money. As a publisher on Infobarrel you are entitled to 75% of the revenue generated from the display ads on your articles.  In the past, these ads were paid out from the advertisers (like Google Adsense), but people were having issues getting accounts.  To do away with those issues, we created the IB Ads system, where InfoBarrel will pay you directly.  All you need now is a PayPal account.

4. Participate

View content created by other users, rate it up or down and have conversations or debates around subjects that are important to you.

5. Share

Find something that sparks your interest? Members can email articles to their friends using our handy email function. If you know other people who may want to contribute to Infobarrel in the form of content, refer them with your referrer code found in your account and receive 2% of all the ad impressions generated by the content they create.