Twitter has become a platform for celebrities to hock their products and the products of others.  Celebrities get paid to Tweet when they post about products and services that they have sponsors for. 

Kim Kardashian

A one-hundred and forty character tweet nets Kim Kardashian as much as $10,000 when she Tweets about a product to her more than 7 million followers.  Kim Kardashian's sponsored Tweets will generally be focused on products that she would use, such as makeup, clothing brands and food products.  She can choose which ones she wants to Tweet and when, and how many sponsored Tweets she wants to post.  The purpose of her Tweeting about these products is to get her followers to click the links, and take some sort of action or purchase.

Kendra Wilkinson

E! reality star and former Playmate, Kendra Wilkinson is reported to earn an average of $11,765 per sponsored Tweet.  With more than 1 million followers, she has her choice of the ads she wants.  Kendra seems to promote electronics, weight loss and fitness products, Facebook apps and jewelry.  Like Kim Kardashian, Kendra does not post sponsored Tweets everyday and she tends to work them into a conversation so that the advertisement is not obvious.  However, when looking closely, you can see a “#ad” indicating that the Tweet is an advertisement.

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Other Paid Celebrity Tweeters

Other Celebrities get paid to Tweet as well and are paid a pretty penny for it.  Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist, Soulja Boy, has not disclosed his “per Tweet” rate, but it is believed that since he has millions of followers that he is earning close to $10,000 per Tweet.  Kim Kardashian's sister, Khloe Kardashian Odom, is paid about $8,235 to Tweet to her almost 3 million followers.  Former The Hills' star, Audrina Patridge, is earning $1,764 per Tweet.  Jersey Shore star, Jwoww, takes home $2,353 every time she posts a sponsored Tweet. is the company most of the celebrities are using to get paid to Tweet.  This company has created over 20,000 different endorsements for Sony, Old Navy, Best Buy and 150 or more other brands, since it launched in September 2009. currently has more than 5,000 celebrities in its Tweeting network to market the brands that request the company's services.  The company also works with non-celebrities too and pays them to post sponsored Tweets, though the price per Tweet is generally much smaller. 

Making Money with Twitter

Celebrities get paid to Tweet and so can those who are not in the celebrity realm.  Users can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per Tweet.  The Tweet contains a link and will disclose that the Tweet is an advertisement.  It is up to the user how many sponsored Tweets they posts per day.  Those choosing this method to make money with Twitter generally also earn a little money by referring their friends to sign up with their chosen sponsored Tweet service.  Most services require the user to have a certain amount of money in their account before he or she can cash out.

Celebrities getting paid to Tweet is just another way for them to earn money and take over social media.  However, those who are not celebrities can cash in on this trend too, albeit on a smaller scale. 

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