Block Facebook Chat

Want to know how to block Facebook chat? There are times when people pop-up wanting to chat on Facebook at the most inopportune moments. It could be that you want to block people in Facebook chat for the simple reason; you would rather not chat with them. No worries! You can block Facebook chat quite easily with a few simple guidelines.

For starters, only friends you confirm can contact you via Facebook chat. Facebook is a safe enough playground for people to chat with friends, catch up with old classmates and colleagues and messages don’t keep popping up in your face like they do on some other sites. However, Facebook’s second line of communication is totally in your face – Facebook chat. That chat box will pop-up unbidden on the right lower corner of your browser window. Grrrrr! Yup – know exactly how you feel!

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out you are on this page because you want to block people in Facebook chat, but don’t want to go offline because you also have people you want to chat with. Here’s what you need to do.

How to block Facebook chat

Step 1 – Go to your Facebook profile create a ‘Friends List’ and give the list a title like blocked or no-chat list. I mean you can give vent to your feelings and label it ‘fade away’ or something equally bad, but let’s not go there!

Step 2 – edit your list – in this step you add all the people you want to block Facebook chat with. In other words, you are creating a list of the people you wish to avoid chatting with.

Step 3 – change your Facebook online status – when you finish editing your ‘blocked’ list, you should have two groups of people. The friends you want to talk with and the people you want to block Facebook chat with. Now you need to change your online status for each group. What this means is, your Facebook status will appear as online to the group you want to chat with; to the group you want to block Facebook chat with, your status will appear as offline.

There are times when you simply cannot chat in Facebook at the time a pal wants to – like when you are at work and your pal is home vegetating! In this case you don’t want to put the person on the list that reflects you as offline constantly. There is another way to tackle the problem of how to block people on Facebook chat. If you look at the Windows icons at the bottom of your screen, you will see an icon representing two people and also a list of how many of your friends are online. Keep going and you will spot an icon with the person’s head sporting a green dot next to it. Clicking on the head and dot icon brings up a dialogue box that provides you with an option to ‘go offline. Cool – just what you need – click it and the friend you can’t chat with will show your Facebook status as offline. Your browser continues to remain online so you have nothing to worry about. The green dot turns red and your online Facebook list of friends disappear as does the bother of being hit on for a chat at a totally inappropriate time.

So, there you go.  Now you know how to block Facebook chat!