Having to put a child into rehab treatment can be a very low point for family members as well as addicts.  Many people tend to worry about the addicts which is warranted, but very few resources exist for family members during this time of need.  Family members of addicts who are in rehab are struggling with different emotions than addicts, but are still struggling nonetheless.  They are wrestling with feelings of guilt, helplessness, and hopelessness.  These feelings are so strong that they can often cause depression and other mental disorders to show themselves when coping with a child undergoing rehab treatment.

When choosing a rehab treatment center for your child it is important that you choose a program that is a good fit for your child as well as a program that is a good fit for your family.  Rehab is as much about rehabilitating the addict as it is about rehabilitating the family.  Drug addicts tend to put their families through very tough times which creates walls which can be difficult to crumble.  Successful rehab treatment centers focus on family therapy as well as individual therapy for the addict.  Many families benefit from a wide variety of therapy to help heal the wounds created by drug abuse.  Some of the more effective methods used for family counseling during rehab treatment include:

  • Family Counseling – This is one of the most important parts of an effective rehab treatment program.  It allows family members to meet as a group to discuss the addiction and try to come to terms with how to deal with it.  The addiction affects family as much if not more than the actual addict.  Unfortunately, addicts are often not entirely aware of the negative effect that their addiction has had on their family.  It often takes intense family counseling for them to realize the pain that they have caused their family members.  If an addict is not able to come to terms with this damage and admit that it is an issue then they are typically not completely ready for rehab treatment.
  • Speaking with other families and former addicts.  It is hard for families to recover from the damages of addiction unless they can somehow relate to other people who have been in their shoes.  Some of the best rehab treatment centers arrange for families who have dealt with drug addiction as well as actual drug addicts to come in and talk with other families to give them encouragement during this difficult time.  Connecting with other families who have been through rehab treatment is a very beneficial step in the road to recovery.