To lose weight in a healthy way (not dangerous to your own body) is one of the most awarding experiences. However, it's not easy and takes a while before you see results. Stay patient and follow these tips and I guarantee that you will lose weight.

Why Diets Do Not Work

In the short run, diets are fantastic. You can drop over 10 pounds in a month if you are on a diet. But here's the problem, you will just gain the weight back once you are off the diet!

You need to think about changing your lifestyle. In order to lose weight the healthy way you have to think long-term and eat healthier.

Count Calories

Most people who are trying to lose weight do not use something to track what they eat. Huge mistake! You need to keep track off what goes into your body.

I recommend Cron-O-Meter or MyFitnessPal. They are two free services to track food intake and help you eat more responsibly. Do not skip this step.

Healthy Foods To Eat

There are many trains of thought when it comes to what is healthy. I will give a short overview of food that I regularly eat and you should to.

Grilled chicken - great lean protein source, do not fry

Leafy greens - spinach, broccoli

Oatmeal - healthier than cereal for breakfast, preferably the non-instant type

Multi-Grain bread - healthier than white bread

Peanut Butter - great source of healthy fat and protein (or just peanuts plain)

I cover even more information about food in my healthy eating guidelines article.

Do Not Drink Your Calories

Drink water and nothing else. Soda with calories are usually just full of sugar and very unhealthy. Even diet sodas with chemically manufactured sugars are bad for your body in the long run.

There is some wiggle room. You can still drink moderate amounts of skim milk that is fortified by vitamin D. Avoid fruit juices because most are high in sugar.

Pick An Exercise You Enjoy

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to pair healthy eating with exercise. The great thing about exercise is that you can pick what you want to do and lose weight at the same time.


What are cardio exercises? Basically any exercise that focuses on getting your heart rate up over 20 or 30 minutes. You can do this by running, jogging, fast walking, biking, hiking, swimming, or using an elliptical in a gym. There are definitely other ways so don't stay limited to my list.


Strength exercises are great for building muscles. The good thing about building muscles is: the more muscles you have the more calories you burn while just sitting around. It is pretty much that simple. Look up "starting strength" if you want to learn more about how to lift weights.


Playing sports is a great way to stay motivated to lose weight the healthy way. Games like football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, hockey, and many more are great if you do not enjoy typical exercising.


It's up to you to lose weight. No one can stop you, only yourself. Keep in mind all these tips and use things that work for you. If you don't like the food choices I listed, use ones that you enjoy eating. If you don't like the exercises I suggested, do another that you like. Remember that losing weight is not easy but it is fun.