Many different stuffing recipes are made from bread, rice, oysters, and the so on. This one is a meal in itself. My family usually stuffs the turkey, both front and back, but these days everybody gets in a thither and many do not actually "stuff" the turkey. Well, I made it to 58, so I still stuff it. If you wish, you can cook it separately, but you need to use some of the turkey drippings to ladle over the stuffing as you are cooking it. It will give the stuffing the appearance and taste of being "stuffed" in the turkey. This is not an ordinary stuffing, as you shall read.

Things You Will Need

2 Lbs - Ground beef

1 Lb - Pork sausage

1 Lb - Ground veal

6 or 7 - Hard or Kaiser rolls

2 - Eggs

2 Tbsp - Salt

2 Tbsp - Pepper

2 - Onions, medium

2 Tbsp - Bell's poultry seasoning

Turkey Gizzard

Turkey Liver

Turkey Heart

Food grinder

Step 1

Get your cutting board and finely dice your onions. Sauté the onions in a frying pan. Use the oil of your choice. We use lard for the taste. Do not burn the onions. When done set it aside.

Step 2

Get your hard rolls or Kaiser rolls (all but one) and briefly soak them in water to soften and remove and squeeze out all the water. Set aside.

Step 3

Get a large mixing bowl and put in your three (3) meats. Add the sautéed onions, eggs, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning.

Step 4

Get your food grinder, and grind the heart, gizzard, and liver and put it into the bowl with the meat.

Step 5

Next, grind up the moistened rolls. This will help get most of the meat out of the grinder. Finally, grind up the last roll that was not soaked. This should help in pushing the remaining roll residue in the grinder. Note: Grinding the rolls will help the mixture look uniform. You will not have large bread pieces randomly appearing when you slice your stuffing.

Step 6

Mix all ingredients together well. Stuff the turkey or put it in loaf pan if you desire. You may need two pans. This is like "upping a notch" on the meatloaf scale.

Step 7

Make sure you adjust your cooking time for the extra weight. It tastes it cooks and tastes better if you ladle the drippings over the entire turkey throughout the cooking process. If cooking the stuffing separately, use the drippings there also. I am sure you know how to cook the average turkeylol.

Now that you have our secret recipe, I am sure you will not forget the special, extra taste that it brings to your table at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter or any holiday and special occasion.