As many readers will know right off the bat, InfoBarrel is an excellent website to start an internet business and passive income portfolio of content.  No matter if you like to write on a different topic every time you publish an article or a single topic over and over again InfoBarrel is a great place for novice web publishers to make money as well as more experienced web publishers.

Over the past few months I have posted a few InfoBarrel specific tutorials on how to make more money.  To put some sort of chronological order to them you can review them in the following list if they are new to you.

You can also read through my monthly InfoBarrel Income reports where I share a lot of info on how to do this better as well as my blog:

Making More Money By Using Pictures

Pile Of Silver CoinsIf you are a new or long-time writer here on InfoBarrel you should know that with every article you publish you have the opportunity to improve your earning potential at least a few times over. If you don’t know how to do it then you aren’t much different than me until recently.

Pictures are one of the best ways to dress an article up to make it look better to a reader.  Pictures make an article look visually appealing and even trustworthy.  It’s really easy to sit down and write a big article and then submit it to the site without including pictures but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take the time to upload them to your articles.  The reason for this is because your pictures each get their own unique URL or “Media Page” and on these media pages you can include a description of your picture for context.  Each media page automatically links back contextually to the article you upload it to and each Media page is monetized, meaning you get paid for viewers who “see” these pages.

Let’s put it this way.  If you publish 100 articles on InfoBarrel and each article takes you 30 minutes to write and publish then that is 50 hours worth of work for 100 monetized publications.  Instead of doing that you can write and publish 100 articles and upload three pictures per article at 40 minutes a piece then you end up with 400 monetized publications that took your roughly 66 hours to publish.  Does it make sense now?

Not only do adding these pictures end up giving you more monetized content but they also assist in indexing because of all the automatic interlinking between the articles and the media pages.

What is even more amazing is that you can upload a picture to one article and then use it on any of your other articles without having to re-upload it again.  This means that if you write a series of 10 articles on TV Stands and upload 1-2 pictures for each article then you have a pool of 10-20 pictures that you can use between them all… this is all well and good, but it gets really good when you start contextually linking between your articles and your media pages.

Linking Your Articles To Media Pages

Oak TV Stand With DrawersTo run with the TV stand article let’s say you write an three different articles, one on oak TV stands, one on walnut TV stands, and one on black TV stands.  Each article gets a picture appropriate to that article.  Then you write a fourth article on the different kinds of TV stands.  In the fourth article you can use your previously uploaded pictures for the first three articles and link them directly to the media pages.  Because you can’t link them all to Amazon for affiliate sales, due to affiliate linking restrictions, you can link each one to it’s media page where you have briefly described the item.  A viewer then has the opportunity to see the article that picture is associated with, click back, out, or an ad.

This isn’t about tricking anyone; it’s really just about interlinking your articles and your media pages.  Anytime you can interlink an article you might as well interlink a media page as well.  You’ll get more page views and more revenue in the long run.

One Note About Uploading Pictures

When you upload a picture to InfoBarrel make sure you use your keywords in the picture name.  Before the upload make sure to change the name of the picture from blahblahblah.jpg to a descriptive keyword phrase like “oak-tv-stand-with-drawers.jpg”.  Then on the upload screen you have the opportunity to title your picture – this is akin to titling your article.  For this example you will still use the long-tail keyword “Oak TV Stand With Drawers”.  Then in the description box of the upload screen make sure to properly describe the picture. 

Don’t think of this as an article but do think of it in terms of good on-page SEO.  Use your keywords and related terms in the description and use synonyms as appropriate.  You don’t need more than fifty words or so just take advantage of the opportunity to get targeted content on the page.  This will help with monetization.

As you get more familiar with using pictures you will likely find that editing the pictures in the HTML view of your article becomes necessary.  When you do this it becomes easy to start linking one or two of the pictures you use in your articles directly to Amazon and the others to Media pages.  The point is that if you have an article which references many different products you want to be able to link to Amazon on some of the products to grab some affiliate commissions but the other products need to be linked to something.  If you don’t have an article to link those terms to then make use of the Media pages. 

When used properly a good focus on adding pictures to your publications should double or triple the amount of monetized content you have published on InfoBarrel.  I’ve also found that click through rates tend to be higher much higher on Media pages likely because viewers of these pages have already been on site for some time.  You may not receive a lot of search traffic to your media pages but if you title them with super long-tail keywords you should see the occasional search visitor who by the way will be highly targeted.

Good luck with using pictures and if you have any questions or comments make use of the comment section below.  You can also find more tips and tricks and useful information on making money on InfoBarrel by taking a look at my profile page.