Ready to Conquer the Night?

Try the following tips and survive the night

When did we decide that work needed to get done at night? The whole idea seems against our better judgement. We don't see well in the dark, we usually get sleepy around ten at night, and grandma always said that nothing good happens after midnight . . . so what gives? Well, there's money to be made!

The money is there, but surviving the night? We might need a little help. Graveyard, nights, witching hour, whatever you want to call it, there are certain things you should always do, always try to do, and never do. Read ahead to find out the seven things that should be on your list.


1. Go For A Walk! The thing that's going to kill you on your night shift is getting settled. Getting settled in your office, your vehicle, or just a good dark spot is going to make the shift go faster, but you will have missed  your whole shift! Stagnation is the enemy and the easiest way to defeat it is to just get up! Fitbit wasn't wrong about having hourly step goals for your health, we just need to adjust it for our goal. If you can get up every hour and take the equivalent of a "walk around the block," you'll not only feel more awake, but more focused.

2. Water! Water! Water! Don't get tricked into sucking down coffee all night to keep you awake. Coffee does act as a stimulant, but what goes up, must come down. This includes those energy drinks like Monster and Xyience (the new favorite of police officers.) These won't only make you crash later in the night, but drinking that much sugar and other chemicals can throw your metabolism and sleep schedule off track for when you do (finally) get to sleep. Drinking enough water might also help you get your steps in while visiting the restroom.

3. Get A Babysitter! Are you on an overnight shift where you have to be up to watch something important, or even worse, drive? One of the dangers is falling asleep at your post or behind the wheel. Don't feel like you can't ask for help or take a break. If you need to close your eyes and nothing else is working, phone a friend. Have them come by and listen to your radio while you rest your eyes. Don't have anyone in the area that can come babysit? Phone a friend! Get someone on the line and get something to do.


1. Eat An Apple! This goes back to the not-drinking-coffee-all-night point. Eating an apple can actually energize you more than drinking a cup of coffee. Have an apple around the middle of your shift in order to get a last boost of energy to push you through the finish line

2. Munch On Snacks! Having something to do while driving or working at night that isn't work will always keep you awake. Have a healthy snack, I like to have baby carrots, to snack on during the night. Having something to do with idle hands is going to keep you awake and keep you productive!


1. Over-Caffeinate. Working during the night is unnatural to most of us and your body is going to suffer because of it. Please don't further punish your body by drinking caffeine all night. By the time you're ready to go to bed in the morning you could either feel restless, completely drained, or just plain ol' sick from putting your body so far from homeostasis that you'll lose valuable sleep. Feeling tired on night shift is a part of the experience and can't be fully prevented.  Let your body deal with the issue naturally so you have a chance at some decent sleep.

2. Power Through. We've all had (or you will have) the days where you can't sleep. Either noise, restlessness, heat, or anything else that the world is doing during daylight hours is going to keep you awake. When you've suffered all day, you're going to suffer all night. If you have the chance, go in late or call in the shift all together. If you have to go in, take a nap. Safety is more important than having a warm body on the shift. If all of those aren't going to work and you have to do 24+ hours you need to sleep the next day. DON'T POWER THROUGH! 

Whatever you had planned for that morning needs to get cancelled and you need to load up on sleep before your next shift. The bragging rights are always fun afterwards and trading stories will be good bonding in the future, but doing two 24+ hours day will make you a liability, not a resource. Your co-workers will stand up for you because they've all been there too.


Your going to find your groove, don't worry! And will all these work for you? Yes. Do I do all of these every night? Nah. I will let you know that I found the best thing for me is having a reward in my shift. Have a reward to look forward to and to have that countdown for can make the difference in the night shift where nothing is happening.

My saying is, "the night runs on Rocky Road." I get two a week (out of a four-day week.) I know that when none of the other tips are making it work, candy will always be there.

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 Good luck!