Knowing how to become telekinetic can be a great step for many people. It is often a religious or spiritual journey that can lead to unlocking other psychic abilities. The steps below can be one of the easiest ways to begin developing telekinesis.

Things You Will Need

Spoon or fork

Step 1

Rest your mind for an hour with meditation. Meditation is not about concentration but about resting your mind. This will help bring you to your full potential for developing telekinesis just like your body is ready for a full day after sleep.

Step 2

Find a spoon or a fork.

Step 3

Breathe deeply. Escape your own mind and all sounds around you.

Step 4

Concentrate only on the spoon. It often helps to do it with your eyes shut.

Step 5

Rub your fingertips lightly over the spoon handle.

Step 6

Imagine your fingers becoming part of the spoon.

Step 7

Imagine the spoon melting into liquid around your fingertips.

Step 8

Feel the energy and warmth you are imparting to the handle.

Step 9

Imagine all the liquid around your fingers reforming into a bent version of the spoon.

Step 10

Be patient and try this every day for at least half an hour. Developing psychic abilities cannot be done in only one or two sessions.

Step 11

Try a different method if the one you are using isn't working after a month or if you are having trouble visualizing the spoon melting. Learning how to becoming telekinetic takes time but it is important to be comfortable with the technique you use.

Tips & Warnings

Don't concentrate on the spoon too hard. This can close your mind to developing psychic abilities.