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I've been writing for InfoBarrel (IB) for over three years and one of the questions that comes up often from new writers is "How do I delete an article?" I see this question over and over in the forums every few months. For whatever reason, some writers decide they no longer want one or more of their articles on the site.

Some online writing sites have a delete button which comes in handy when you want to take something down. IB does not. There is no way to immediately remove your work. However, there is a way to delete articles from IB.

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How to Delete an Article on InfoBarrel

Poof! Be Gone

In my experience, writing a good piece takes time. First, you must choose a topic and then do your research. Next you have to write a cohesive feature, include photos, videos, and references (if you have them), then publish. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete a good article. Then, if you are new to InfoBarrel, you will have to wait anywhere from a day to several days for your work to get published.

With that in mind, isn't it a good idea to have some time to consider whether you really want to delete something that you worked so hard to create? Having a delete button such as other sites would make it too quick and easy to immediately eliminate something that took some time and effort to create. InfoBarrel provides a way to delete an item but it is not immediate.

"Friendly" Administration

When you join InfoBarrel you will notice that you initially have one friend, Administration. There's a good reason for that (besides the fact they're just so irresistible and everyone wants to be their friend). The reason InfoBarrel's Administration wants to be your friend is so that you will have the ability to send them a private message ("PM").

InfoBarrel offers its members a way to communicate with each other through private messaging, however, in order to send someone a message they must be in your friend list (which requires they accept your request for friendship).

How to Delete an Article

Being friends with Administration becomes an important tool in deleting an article. In order to have one of your articles deleted you must send them a private message (PM). In addition to your request, you must also include the URL of the article. InfoBarrel will take care of the rest. That's it.

One last thing, please be patient, it may take a day or two - or longer, especially if your request is sent on a weekend or holiday, but it will happen. Once in a while an impatient writer will post something in the forums about his/her article not being deleted after sending a request. When this happens, IB has always been quick to take care of the problem.

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