ACEO are original cards created by artists.  It actually stands for “Art Cards Editions and Originals”

They are 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size (standard sized for trading cards including sports cards).  They are an affordable way to collect different artists’ work from around the world.  You can find them selling online on sites such as Ebay, Amazon and art collector sites or at arts and crafts fairs.

If you love to collect original pieces but can’t afford the large ticket items that the artist usually sells, check to see if they offer these art cards for sale.  It will be an affordable option to own a piece of original artwork.  That being said, what do you do with them?

You can display them in various ways, or give them as gifts in cards.  Below are just a few ways to get these beautiful originals out of drawers and onto the wall or to give as gifts.  Remember they must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches and an original to be considered an ACEO art card.  Hope you are inspired to get them out of drawers and into frames and on the walls for all to see.

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Framing ACEO Art Cards

This type of artwork has become very popular and therefore much easier to frame.  It used to be that you would have to get your own mat cut to fit and frame it, and so many didn’t bother, as this became expensive, but beautiful pieces of artwork should not sit in drawers.  Show off your investment!  Even small pieces can be framed to show and be seen by all.  You can create a larger mat to center one card, or get prefabricated frames that can house 3 and more.

If you collect a few from each artist, one frame could be dedicated to that artist, or mix them up to simply show off pieces you enjoy.  They can be placed in areas where smaller pieces would be appreciated or create a wall of frames as the center piece of your room.  There are so many ways to display ACEO art cards.  It can be done as your budget allows. 

This particular mat has been precut to house a 2.5 x 3.5 inch art card and the outside measurement is 5 x 7 which is a standard frame that you can purchase affordable at any store that carries frames or online.   You could get a few of the same frames and then create a grouping on the wall.

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Holds 8 ACEO Art Cards in One Frame

If you want to group the pieces all together, this mat has been precut to house 8 cards, with 6 portraits and 2 landscapes and is ready to fit a 10 x 12 inch frame.  You could put the same artist all in one frame for a theme or you could mix them up.  It will definitely add interest to your wall and are fun to look at.   It is a safe way to keep them clean and fun to display.  Why not enjoy your purchase?  Just because these are tiny works of art doesn’t mean they still can’t be enjoyed.  If you place them in a larger frame they become the center of attention in the frame and on the wall.

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Black Acid Free Art Cards Ready for Use

As an artist, you can create your own cards by cutting your medium (heavy watercolor paper for example) into 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  Create a few at a time and they will always be on hand for trying something new in whatever medium or paper you choose.  It works best if it is a heavy product such as heavy watercolor paper or mixed media paper.  But you can also purchase them precut and ready to use online. 

This particular package is of black background, which can add some interest to your artwork.  

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Greeting Card Style of Display

This package of cards is sold with the ability to mount your artwork in the opening of this plain white greeting card.  It also comes with matching envelopes, which means you can sell them this way or send them to a friend as a gift.  A perfect way to not only give a nice greeting card (write your own greeting inside) but also an original piece of artwork as a gift that can be framed as is in the card form.

You can display them this way in an arts and crafts show too.  Many people love to purchase handmade greeting cards to give as gifts.  This way you can offer something a little cheaper for sale if your customers are not in a position to purchase any of your larger works.

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Create an Artist Album

If you really don’t want to invest in mats and frames and display your ACEO art cards, then another option to keep them safe and still be able to look at them is to create an album.

Purchase these special plastic acid free sheets that are designed to hold all kinds of trading cards.  They are sized to also hold your ACEO artworks.  You can then place these sheets into an album of your creation and would make a great coffee table book, or a simple binder.

The plastic protects them and they can be enjoyed any time.

There are many different ways to display these tiny works of art.  If you are the artist and this is the size you love to work with, then display your own work for others to see.  Some artists will trade their cards with other artists.

As an artist myself, I love to paint these tiny pieces, and sell them for a much lower price than my regular pieces, and also love to check out other artists works, and accumulating these tiny originals is a perfect way to become an art collector without a large investment.  Display them, keep them safe, and enjoy!