You may wonder just how a carpet suffers burns.  Well it can happen quite easily, and the problem is, no matter how small the burn, it stands out like a sore thumb!how to fix burnt carpetCredit:

It is the first thing your eye sees when you enter the room.  That one little cigarette burn is very noticeable, or maybe you dropped the iron while in a hurry that day, and no the 3 second rule doesn’t apply to carpets, they burn fast!

You could cover it or hide it with a chair, but really the best thing is to try and repair it.  Here are 5 ways to repair burnt carpet that are worth trying before resorting to drastic measures such as total replacement.  Carpet is expensive, so if you can repair it,  is easier than replacement.  If it is a large area you may need to consult a repair specialist, but for smaller areas you can do a bit of diy.

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1. Trim Out Burnt Bits

If it is a small area such as from a cigarette burn or in my case someone had dropped a curling iron and it basically left a thin line of black on a beige carpet.  In these cases the base of the carpet is still intact.

Vacuum the area really well, then get down on the floor on your belly so you can really get a good look at the carpet injury, and using sharp nail scissors, begin to separate the black bits from the good and then trim them off.  I find nail scissors are slim and not as bulky as regular scissors, because you want to be careful how many fibers you cut out.  It maybe that just a few surface fibers were burnt, in which case cut the tops off and fluff the carpet and no one will see.

If it is just a thin like of fibers, most carpets are dense enough you would not notice a few fibers go missing.  This worked for me.

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2. Cut and Paste

If you cut out the fibers and now the black is all gone but the bare spot is obvious, then with a bit of patience and the right adhesive you go on a hunt around the room such as in the closet or under the bed and snip a few little fresh fibers and now fill the hole with these and the proper glue, so that you can vacuum the room without worries of sucking up your repair.  It doesn’t take much to fill the hole; you don’t need to cut out chunks of fibers, just a few here and there such as in this video.

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3. Patch and Replace

If the area is just too large to simply trim burnt carpet fibers, or fill in the hole with a few strands and glue, then you may need to patch.  At this point you could call a professional, but if the budget is tight, you can try this yourself as long as you have access to a piece of this carpet from an obscure area such as back of closet, or maybe you were lucky enough to have some spare. 

You could also check with the store you got this from and see if they have any samples, but if the carpet is older, it may stand out. Best if you can find a hidden piece from closet.

Taking a sharp knife or carpet knife, cut around the burnt area and try not to make it too big or cut through the under padding, now take this burnt piece and trace it exactly on a fresh piece.  This burnt piece is your template and you want to make the new piece exact, so be careful and don’t rush.  You might need to run your knife over it a few times so as not to go to deep.

Now with carpet adhesive,  glue in the new fresh piece following the instructions on the product and let it cure.  Then next day fluff it up around the edges with a comb or stiff brush and you are done. 

You can also purchase actual repair kits that contain everything you need to replace that piece, especially for small areas.

It is worth investing in a few tools for this type of job, as it is still much cheaper than replacing the entire room.  I personally moved into a house, where the master bedroom that had just been carpeted the year before had two burn marks from a dropped curling iron.  I managed to simply trim the darkened bits and fluff it up and you cannot even tell there it was there.

Remember, sometimes it looks worse than it is.  Many times it is because your eye is simply drawn to the blackened bits, especially if it is a lighter colour such as beiges or whites.  My hubby was convinced we would need to replace the entire carpet as it was wall to wall, but we saved some money trying this first.  It can’t hurt to try.

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4. Area Rugs - Out of Sight Out of Mind

If it is really bad, and you can’t afford to have it repaired professionally or maybe you simply do not have a spare piece that could fit this area, then it is time to cover for now.

There are many great area rugs that will fit on top of carpets that look great.  This also works if the center of your room for example is looking dingy and steam cleaning is simply not bringing it back to life. 

Find an area rug that matches the décor and rearrange your room to work with this rug.  You can get special under pad that stops the rug from sliding around and this can be an affordable option to replacement.  

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5. Good Carpet Shampoo

I had a couple of smaller scorched areas that actually responded to the resolve spot cleaner.  Maybe check in the closet to make sure it doesn’t bleach your floor covering, but I found this worked wonders at getting that brown area out.  On one burn I was able to trim away a few blackened bits, and then used this shampoo and it got out the brown colour.  So, this is another option.