Every Computer

Becomes Slow Over Time

While it may be easy for one to assume that their new computer will always operate with the same lightening fast quickness throughout its lifetime, this isn't necessarily the case. With repeated use, personal computers naturally utilize resources that will cause them to gradually respond slowly to any input commands that you give them via external devices like your keyboard or mouse. Has this happened to you? Have you found that your computer now operates at a very sluggish pace? Have no fear. This InfoBarrel article will show you exactly how to free up PC resources on your computer and overcome this formidable foe to your productivity.

Seek Out and Destroy

Remove Unnecessary Programs

Whether new or old, it is highly likely that your personal computer has amassed quite a few programs on it. Unfortunately, it is also entirely likely that you haven't used many of these programs for ages; taking up much needed computer space that may otherwise be causing your PC to operate at a very slow pace. While you may have absolutely no idea what programs you don't use, you may, at the very least, want to weed out a few by heading over to 'Add/Remove Programs' in Microsoft XP. The sequence to finding 'Add/Remove Programs' is easy. Simply find your 'Start' button, and then click on your 'Control Panel'. Through your 'Control Panel', you will be able to find your 'Add/Remove Programs' icon. As you survey your programs, simply highlight the ones that you don't use, or otherwise don't believe are necessary to keep anymore, and simply click the 'Remove' button.

Eliminate the Parasites

Spyware and Adware Are Not Your Friends!

Spyware and Adware will be two of the largest culprits when it comes to slowing down your computer. Taking a proactive approach to eliminating these parasites will help you to do a variety of important things beyond speeding up your computer. Not only will you be able to evade unwanted advertisements, but by using free programs such as AdAware or Spybot S&D you will be able to achieve a much greater level of privacy. Removing Adware and Spyware, in itself, will help your computer to become more quick and efficient; operating with the freedom that was significantly hindered by the Adware and Spyware. In this step, you should head on over to those free program websites, download/install them, continually update them, run a scan, and remove the bad guys it uncovers.

Other great software can be found by simply doing a search on CNET.com. CNET provides a user with a plethora of downloads, that range in function, that can be used to safeguard your computer and combat unwelcomed parasites like Adware and Spyware.

Clean Your Registry

Free Up Those PC Resources!

Your personal computer will have a registry that is composed of a variety of entries. In order to help speed up your computer, you can simply delete these entries. While you can certainly use a program called 'Easy Cleaner' to do this, do also be sure that you make a backup of your registry before you go and edit or delete any of your entries. Cleaning your registry, in conjunction with the previous steps mentioned in this InfoBarrel article, will help to significantly increase your computer's response and operating time.

Defrag Now

Control Your Files!

Every personal computer has a hard drive. Unfortunately, with time and usage, the files that your hard drive contains can become missplaced and greatly slow down your computer. This is where it pays to occasionally defrag (defragment) your computer. The process of conducting a defrag, whether on your hard disk/drive or your registry, will help to pull all your relevant files into a comman area where they belong. While there are no strict standards because computer usage varies, ideally the more you use your computer, the more you should consider running a defrag of your hard disk/drive and your registry. Doing this may help to significantly increase the speed and operation of your computer, while causing you to not experience quite the sluggishness and lag time in personal computer response that can become so frustrating and counterproductive to work you need to accomplish.

Junk and Temporary Files

Delete Occasionally!

Every personal computer contains junk and temporary files that can be deleted to free up space. Oftentimes, some people have absolutely no idea just how much junk and temporary files they actually have on their computer. This, alone, can cause a significant lag in computer response, and, handling it, is really quite easy. These unwanted and unnecessary files can be deleted quickly and easily with a program called CCleaner. As always, it is always important to be cognizant of any file you delete from your computer. While you, more than likely, won't have this problem with deleting junk and temporary files, it does bear being mentioned because deleting the wrong file can have negative implications to your computer.

Dependent upon your computer usage, you should strongly consider saving this InfoBarrel article and repeating these steps on occasion. Getting into a habit of continually addressing your computer's issues can help it become that much more reliable and efficient. Ultimately, you will benefit greatly in much quicker response time; significantly decreasing the sluggish lag that it sometimes takes to complete even the most miniscule task.

Reboot Your Computer

Free Up Your PC Resources

Upon completion of all these InfoBarrel steps, you will need to reboot your computer. Rebooting your computer will help it to realize and accept all the changes that have been made. When your computer starts back up again, it should now run and operate at a much quicker speed. If, at any time, you begin to feel that your computer is becoming sluggish, it is important to try all or some of these steps to help free up your PC resources. Beyond seeing a significant impact in the speed of your computer, doing these steps will also help the general health of your computer; keeping it free from ailments that can compile overtime and lead to a devastating premature end.

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