It is that time of year again in my home, when the fresh local produce is coming to the markets.  I love to have room temperature produce in my fruit bowls and on my counter.  But up until now, I was forced to place my fruit in the refrigerator because of nasty fruit fly invasions. 

Fruit flies love any kind of sugar, especially on produce.  So I decided it was time to declare war on them, as they also migrate to my compost garbage under the sink, and if you are not careful you may have an invasion on your hands.  Last year they even migrated to the drain in the sink.  They are teeny tiny things but in large numbers they can eat and spoil your fruit and cause chaos in the house.

Here are 5 Ways to Get rid Of Fruit Flies.   I found these different ways because I didn’t always have the ingredients on hand for a complicated trap, and I really didn’t want anything sitting out on the table that was uglier than the invasion itself.  But check out these ideas and then you can arm yourself for your war on fruit flies based on what you have on hand.

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Cloves Work Well

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Decorative Clove Orange

Cloves - They Hate the Smell But Your Place will Smell Divine!

If it is early days for your fly invasion, then get yourself a small container (I used an egg cup) and fill it with cloves and sit it right beside your fruit bowl.  If you have fruit in different locations, then you will need a few little egg cups or small bowls of cloves.

It may be best if you keep your fruit and produce close together so you don’t have an invasion in different rooms.  That can get hard to fight.

If you really want this war to be decorative, you can stick whole cloves into a sacrificed orange and actually sit it in with the rest of your produce.  Apparently, fruit flies despise cloves.  This method works best in the early days and prevents the masses from finding your fruit, almost like a force field.

This will also make your house smell awesome.  These are actually created for Christmas Ornaments and the heavenly aroma.  Check out the video below on how to make them and place them in your fruit bowl or beside it.  Might as well look good while the raging war is going on.

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Natural Repellent

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Grow Herbs - Especially Basil

Turns out after some research, that these annoying little critters despise the smell of basil and some other herbs, so grow a few herbs and basil in a cute pot beside your bowl or container of fruit and maybe surround it with this natural force field.  I like the idea of naturally preventing them, and as with the cloves, works best in the early season when they are just finding your house, but also makes the house smell nice.

Wine Bottle Trap

Now if they have really begun to get a hold on your kitchen, and you don’t have any basil or cloves and are low on weapons, then sacrifice about an inch of wine.  Leave it in the bottom of the tall neck bottle and strategically place it beside your produce. 

They will be attracted to the alcohol as it is sugar based, and will fly in and because of the long stem of the neck are not likely to get out again.  Not a bad way to go.  Depending on how much wine you drink, you should replace this every couple of days.  Or drink the wine and ignore the fruit flies!

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Or Purchase a Ready Made Trap

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Apple Cider Vinegar

If you simply cannot keep up with the amount of wine you need to drink to get rid of the flies, then apple cider vinegar is next in line.  The white vinegar simply doesn’t work with this trap; it needs to be that slightly sweet pungent aroma of the apple cider vinegar.

This trap is not as pretty but works.  Fill a bowl with the vinegar and the place plastic wrap over the top and then make a lot of tiny holes in the wrap.  The flies will get in but not out.  You will need to rinse out the bowl every couple of days and make a new one.  But you could place it behind your produce so that no one has to look at this.

This trap also works well beside the compost bin or garbage depending on where you throw your peels, cores or pits!.  Just don’t forget to clean the trap out when it gets full.  Gross, yes, but effective.

Old Ripened Fruit or Syrup

So if you find yourself at home with no wine, vinegar, cloves or basil, then here is a last resort that works too.  Donate a piece of ripened fruit such as an over ripe banana or strawberries, or even some syrup in a pinch. 

Place it in a mason jar and then put plastic wrap on top with some holes you can stab with a pen, and they will migrate into the bowl and stay there.  You just need to throw it out every couple of days and donate anything else that is getting ripe, or syrup.  If is stronger in aroma they will migrate to that older fruit rotting in the bowl before touching yours. 

Also stay on top of the produce.  Eat it or deal with it, because as soon as it is turning they will be there waiting like vultures!