How to Get Rid of MoldA lot of people have for some reason recently been asking me how to get rid of mold. I guess it is because it is summer, and the air is humid. This leads to the greatest time for the sweltering mold to expand its playing field, so to speak. It must have moisture and humidity in order to stay alive, which is why the basement and the bathroom are the two most common places for this fungus to occur. Anyway, we will take a look at exactly what the average homeowner can do to get rid of this mold.

Controlling and Cleaning Mold

Here is how to get rid of mold in your bathroom: start out by using vinegar. Put it into a spray bottle before you get started. Next, spray everywhere that the mold is existent. It is commonly found on the shower curtains, under the sink, in the grout of the floor's tiles, near linoleum's edges, etc. You may also want to try mopping with a vinegar solution, as this is an easier way to cover the entire floor.

Anything that touches food is also a good candidate for the growth of mold. Try using vinegar on these things too, as they are found in your kitchen. Think about the dish drainer and thinks like that. This is a common moldy place, because of the combination of food and water that is frequently found here.

During the summer months, I like to make sure I am using one of the following: either a fan or an air conditioner. This will help to combat two things: the staleness of the air and the humidity contained therein. These are two of the leading causes of mold, especially in the hotter times of the year.

In the winter, a dehumidifier is more appropriate. This will not cool you off but will, as its name indicates, take the humidity out of the cold air. Dry those spores out! Kill them!

Finally, if you are trying to get rid of mold in your carpeting, then I have two words for you: good luck. Most people advocate that you just throw the rug out and start over. Some have suggested that you can sprinkle baking soda on it. Then you vacuum it up after it sits for a little while. Keep repeating this process regularly. It may or may not work, but at least you may not have to get rid of that expensive carpet.

Cleaning Agents to Get Rid of Mold

There are many products on the market today which purport to be able to get rid of mold. They are all mostly valid in some way or another, but they are not all that different from just plain using vinegar. Nevertheless, you may want to go that way. I do not think this is a bad idea, and I think it will certainly help you learn how to get rid of mold in your home.

So that's about it. We have not covered how to get rid of mold in your basement so much, but I have written elsewhere about that. I felt it would be good to focus on black mold removal from the bathroom and kitchen for an article or two. I always tell people that it is much easier to protect against the initial growth of mold than to go back after the fact and try to eradicate it. Especially once it has been allowed to live for awhile it can become an awful beat to have to deal with. So, as in all other areas of life, it just seems easier to be proactive and clean the prone areas on a regular basis.