Appliance repair costs less that replacement, but it only matters if the repair was done correctly. There are a few things a homeowner can do to ensure that a broken appliance gets fixed properly, even if the homeowner isn’t the one who makes the fix. 

Finding a Repair Service

Since various brands are manufactured differently and use different parts, each appliance requires a specific type of repair. For instance, a Sub-Zero brand appliance would require a repair service that specializes in Sub-Zero products; those technicians will be better trained and equipped to handle the repairs. In light of that, searching the internet specifically for “Sub-Zero repair in Los Angeles” would be the best way to find an appropriate service. Selecting a shop with expertise in a particular brand name is the first step towards ensuring that the repairs will be successfully conducted.

Checking the Repair Technician

Another consideration when choosing a repair service has to do with whether or not they are licensed. Licensing is a way to verify that the repair technician has had the required education or training to fix appliances. Recommendations from friends or family members can also help a homeowner decide if a specific repair technician or company is the best option. Additionally, it’s wise to use a repair service that insures its workers. A company whose workers are bonded and insured protects the homeowner from liability while the workers are in the house. 

Checking the Replacement Parts

Just like with the company doing the repair, there should be a match between the brand of the appliance and the parts being used to repair it. For long-lasting repairs, the appliance repair technician should be using new, factory-recommended parts for that specific appliance brand: e.g. Sub-Zero appliances should only have Sub-Zero parts. Refurbished parts may be cheaper, but there is no guarantee that they will last. New replacement parts are generally better, but they’re only useful if they are installed in an appliance with a matching brand. By having new replacement parts installed, the chance that the repair will last for the long term is much greater. 

Checking on the Repair

Once the repair has been finished, the best practice is for the homeowner check the quality of the repair while the technician is still on-site. A freezer that stopped cooling should have the motor actively running, and the temperature should reach 0 degrees Fahrenheit inside. An ice maker with a clogged or dirty water line should begin making clear, clean ice cubes. Whatever the repair, the technician should be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the repair. The homeowner should also ask about a warranty on the appliance repair. If the same problem happens again after it is fixed, the warranty will cover future repairs for a specified time period. 

For most people, appliances are expensive and necessary items. Because of that, finding cost-effective ways to maintain them is an important financial consideration. The best way to do that is to be engaged in the process of finding the right repair technician. This involves searching for brand-specific services that use new parts and employ licensed technicians.

Taking the correct initial steps, coupled with checking the work after the repair is complete, will give any homeowner the satisfaction of knowing that their appliance will continue to be useful for its entire life.