It is the little and simple things that you do that will decide your condition of your health. It is important that you stay aware of ways to keep yourself  healthy for a better and comfortable lifestyle. If you know these steps and implement it, staying healthy doesn't have to be intimidating. And on the top of my head I am sure that many hundred-year-olds will agree with me.

Reduce Saturated Fats Intake

Some amounts of fats are required for a normal body function. Saturated fats and are maxed out on their hydrogen capacity. They raise LDL level in the blood, the bad kind of cholesterol. This can make you more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases later if not now. Some food sources with high saturated fats are butter, fatty meats, cream, lard, ghee, tallow, hard cheese and coconut oil.



No Smoking!

On average people die 13-14 years earlier than non-smokers in the US and 10 years in the UK. That is a lot of time lost. You could get to spend more time with your kids and loved ones, you could see Japan or Europe and you could do so many things. After four years of quitting a regular smoker's chances of having a cardiac arrest is the same to that of a non-smoker and after 10 years chances of having lung cancer is leveled as well. 

Be careful of passive smoke or second-hand smoke, the effects of passive smoking can be just as bad as ‘active’ smoking. So tell your spouses or friends to quit smoking or do it outside the house.

 Risks of Smoking

Eat Healthy

What kind of food you eat regularly will most likely depend on your culture but it is crucial to change that diet according the demands of the human body. A diet is unhealthy when it is composed of one kind of nutrition and when it doesn't fulfill a certain age group requirement. Fruits such as oranges and apples are a must with a daily balanced diet of vegetables, grains, protein and calcium-rich foods. Resist those cravings at untimely hours, if you are eating right you shouldn't be getting hungry on any other time.


Don't Isolate Yourself

There are times when people love their own company but it is an entirely different thing when you cut off all human connection in every way there is. Stay connected with your friends and family. Isolation can lead to loneliness which is a form of stress. Talk to your friends about your new phone or take your loved ones out on a dinner, also our time has more social networks than ever so go make a post right now.


Know Your Blood Pressure

Heart has to pump blood and then instantly get ready for next pump at which it has done two things: constricted and dilated called systole and diastole respectively. The ventricles (a heart chamber) must exert 120 mm Hg on your blood vessels and go down at 80 mm Hg when it dilates so the normal range is 120/80 for most adults while it may vary for infants and old people.

High Blood Pressure(125262)

Stress Less!

Do not procrastinate. Kill that part of your thinking that tells you to watch some TV or play around when work is going on. It leads to cramming which is probably the most likely cause of stress today. Work hard while taking rests and learn to tell yourself it is going to be fine when things don’t go the way you want them to.

Exercise 3-5 Times a Week

Do not forget 20-30 minutes of physical activity of your choice. It is better to stick to your preference than doing something that you don’t like. 

Sleep Well

A daily scheduled time of 7-8 hours for most us while there may be some who will need 9 to stay at their best and some may do well with just 6. You know yourself the best so I am going to leave this up to you.


Find a Reason to Live For

Always aspire for more in whatever it is that you do while being positive and optimistic. Do everything with the mindset that every good deed is always rewarded. Keep learning and improving, stop at nothing.