Having a place to hide special things is important.  You can get a proper safe at the bank but sometimes you just want a place to hide some extra cash or other things you might need quickly without having to wait for the bank to open or paying the fees.  Things you just don’t want to leave out.

Creating a safe place within your home is easier than you think.  Ever heard of the saying “hiding in plain sight” that is where a book safe comes in.

Of course for this to work its best you need a few book shelves filled with books.  Enough that no one would notice or be able to find this special secret book without tearing down all the book case or shelves, so if you are worried about intruders or others in the house this is a great way to hide things.

An intruder is going to go for the obvious spots, such as dresser drawers, electronics and cash in plain sight.  Of course if you have expensive valuables that you don’t need access to, then you should consider a proper safe, but for a few dollars set aside or special letters or personal items or supplies, hiding them in a book safe keeps prying eyes away.  Having a stack of them works well too, as no one really cares about the books at the bottom of a stack!

What You Will Need

One good thick text book, that is non descript or boring looking.  (You can get these from second hand book stores, library sales or dollar stores to name a few spots.)  You don’t need to pay much for it, or you can use one you already have on your shelf that you no longer read.

Modge Podge (for gluing)


Metal ruler

Brush for the glue

Take your book and open it and then glue about the few 5 or 6 pages to the front cover using the modge podge (or white glue) and the brush.  

Once dry, you can get to work on the safe.  Measure in from the edges about 1 inch or more depending on the size of the book and the size you want for the cubby hole, don't get too close to the binding or the book may fall apart.  Outline with a pencil.  With the metal ruler and the knife start slicing through the pages and pulling them out.  You can save these pages for arts and crafts or for collages or for that altered book art journal you created!

As you get deeper you will not need the ruler you can use the sides that are already cut.  Keep going until you get to last few pages trying to keep it even.

Trim any excess bits of paper away and then take your brush and glue the sides of the cubby hole you have created.  Let dry.

You can then do whatever you want to this book safe.  You can line it with velvet or line it with shelf liner or you can completely modge podge it for a shiny surface and simply put your things straight inside. 

Make sure you also glue the outsides of the book pages as well around the edges.  The below video should help you see just how easy it is to make a book safe in an afternoon.  You could make a few of these.  The perfect way to hide things in plain sight as well as a place you can find your stash quickly.

I think it would be good if the books on the shelf on either side of this safe are “like” type books so that it doesn’t totally stand out and put this one on the top shelf or tucked away or stacked with others on top so that no one accidently tries to read it.  There are many creative ways to do this.

Some people like to put shelves over their doorways to house their collection of novels and books so you could do that too and no one is likely to even notice this special one.  Just remember what it looks like for yourself!

Altered Book With Drawers - Perfect for Secrets!

If you are creative and love to make things or want something a bit more artistic, then this project is a bit more intricate but works well as a safe too!  You can also decorate the outside of this book for fun.

It is a book with a drawer.  Instead of cutting out the rectangle inside for the cubby hole as the above example, you cut right to the outside edge based on the measurement of a cardboard box lid or one you have made yourself.  After a lot of gluing and some clamps, you can paint the book all around the edges (page edges) black including the box.

Then place your stash in the drawer and hide on the shelf along with your other books and magazines.  This one takes a little bit more time, but the entire book is glued shut and you simply slide the drawer out when you want to get in to it.  I think this is a really cool way to hide a few special things.  

You could also try this method with a photo album and stash it along side your other albums or stacked so no one will notice it.

There are so many cool ways to hide things in plain view now, and the secret book safe is just one example.  If you tend to collect books, then this will make sense in your home.  I know our house is getting fuller all the time, what would one more book mean?  Not much and a great place to store some extra cash or a way for rainy day savings.  My dad used to but a few dollar bills between pages of books, that is another way too, but having a specially made safe I think keeps it in one place so you don’t lose track of it.