Having a flea infestation on your pet(s) is awful. But what's even worse is to have your household infested. Fleas will live in your furniture and in your rugs. They'll even get in between the crevices in your wood floor. And they bite people, too!

Commercial flea treatments are toxic. They might work but here's a homemade flea trap that can help you catch and kill fleas as well as some natural flea remedies that can help you get rid of these nasty critters which can make the whole family uncomfortable and could be quite detrimental to your pet's health.

Things You Will Need

white saucers or shallow bowls

Step 1

Place a lamp on the floor (without a shade) and turn it on when the room is dark. Place a shallow bowl or saucer (preferably white) with an inch of water and a glug of dishsoap.

Fleas will head toward the light and drown in the liquid.

Step 2

Little tea lights placed in the center of a dish that has a bit of water 1/2 an inch or so (enough that your candle won't be extinguished) and dish soap. Place safely on the floor (not near anything dangling) in a dark room and the fleas will head toward the light and drown in the liquid. (Be careful and don't go to bed with these lit.
Other helpful tips for getting rid of fleas include:
-vacuuming daily. The vibrations encourage flea cocoons to hatch and you can nab them in the vacuum. Be sure to empty your vacuum outdoors and consider putting some 20 Mule Team Borax in the vacuum to kill fleas.

-Sprinkle your rugs with borax (kills adult fleas) and salt (dehydrates and kills flea eggs) and sweep into the rug with a bristle broom. Leave 48 hours and then vacuum. Repeat in two weeks in case any new eggs are hatching

-Put garlic and / or brewer's yeast in your pet's food and water to repel fleas

-spray your pet with organic apple cider vinegar (the one with the mother, such as Bragg's ACV) to repel fleas (but keep away from your pet's eyes
-spritz your dog with tea tree oil to repel fleas (don't use tea tree oil on cats. It can cause death to cats and don't use it if you have a cat in the house that grooms your dog!)
-Bathe your pet in original Blue Dawn Dish Soap. It drowns fleas.

Tips & Warnings

Be careful of fire hazards when using flea candle traps.
Be very careful with the use of Borax and tea tree oil. Although they are natural, they can be harmful to some animals and Borax is an irritant that shouldn't be consumed. Keep pets away from areas filled with Borax until after vacuuming.

-While fighting fleas, if they're biting your legs and ankles, consider washing in tea tree soap or adding a few drops to your bath as it repels fleas.

It's a good idea to follow a regimen of vacuuming daily for several weeks to ensure you catch all fleas. Don't forget to vacuum underneath sofas and sofa cushions as well as the pet's bedding.