You can tweak this craft to work with whatever you have.  The terra cotta clay pots are heavier and less likely to move, but if you use the right paint you can also use plastic flower pots if you weigh the base down with the decorative stones as suggested in the video and glue the bottom pot to the base. 

I thought this was a really cool way to use a Solar Light to give the impression of a lighthouse.  Perfect for anyone who loves to dress up their garden with whimsical garden art and bling

You can adjust the sizes of the pots, but basically the larger one on the bottom and then the next is 2 inches smaller and so on.   If you want to make a tiny table top one, you could start with only a 6 inch pot, then a 4 inch and a 2 inch, which would also be a fun idea with a tiny solar light.  

More Ideas!

Would also make a great bird bath if it is placed in a protected part of the yard, but also squirrels and other outdoor critters would love to be able to get a drink, just make sure and hose the old water out regularly to prevent mosquitoes from creating nests and to freshen the water for backyard critters.  Or use the idea of the decorative stones which you can get at garden centers, online or even at the dollar stone.  Marbles would also make a great weight and decoration in the bottom tray.

clay pot lighthouseCredit:
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Assorted Terra Cotta Clay Pots Online

If you don’t have any at home, you can get them online or at garden centers, or sometimes reuse centers and as long as they are in one piece you can always scrub them, let them dry and then use acrylic or outdoor paint to decorate them so it doesn’t matter if they have seen better days as you will be painting them.


This is a great way to recycle plant pots.  If you have any not in use, take the time to give them a good scrub and dry for a day and then paint them and put them to use!

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Weather Spray

I personally would use paint that is rated for outdoor projects, and then add the additional layer of a clear weather sealer to protect your project from weather.  

clay flower pot lighthouseCredit:
Yards & Beyond Dual Use Coach Style Solar Lights - 2 Pack
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Solar Light

This is to be glued in the drain hole, so you want to get a solar light that doesn’t have too big a stem such as the one above that can be hung on a hook in the garden, you can glue this one into the drain hole and it looks like a lighthouse style light. 

Table Top Lighthouse

By tweaking this idea you could create smaller clay pot lighthouses that could sit on a table top, deck, outdoor coffee table and more.  You could fill the base with moss, marbles, water with some floating pond plants and more.  There are many fun ways to take this idea and tweak it for affordable bling that is whimsical and fun in your yard.  You could also give these as gifts to a new home owner or even for an apartment balcony.   You could add a candle holder instead of a solar light if the area it will sit is protected. 

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This book has a ton of ideas on making all kinds of fun things with plant pots but especially the heavier terra cotta clay pots.   Just make sure you bring your work of art in for the winter as the pots may crack.  I think one of these would look really cool beside a water feature or as part of a rock garden as lighthouses are often on rocky ledges, or make a few to light up a pathway to your door or patio.

Miniature Pond?

If you have a slightly deeper bottom saucer you could add some floating pond plants to the base to really add some interest to your clay pot lighthouse.

clay pot lighthouseCredit:
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Make a Lighthouse with Plastic Pots?

You could use varying sizes of the plastic garden pots, this would be a great way to recycle any plant pots you have sitting in your shed.  Just scrub them clean and make sure they are good and dry and use paint specifically designed for outdoor plastic furniture as above.

You can get these in spray cans and in different colors.  Check the can because you may not need the clear sealer if using this specific paint for a plastic pot.  Weight will be the issue with the plastic ones, so you may need to glue the first pot to the base and the other pots to each other to stop from being carried away in the wind. 

Once all glued then fill the base with some weight such as decorative stones, rocks, marbles and more.  This will keep it from moving around.  Glue the solar light in the top and it will look awesome.  You can usually find the plastic flower pots at reuse centers or even ask your neighbors to see if they have different sizes in their garden sheds.  You could also check at the garden centers and purchase new. 

Hope this article inspired you to get thinking about your garden and just how you can personalize it with a flower pot lighthouse.  Have Fun!