If you love the industrial or rustic look, then getting creative doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  I have been discovering all kinds of ways to add some light to your space that is not only useful but fun and unique and reflects your personality.

Enter the basic Mason jar.  I was amazed at just what you can do with these jars.  There were always plenty around my house growing up as my granny used to canned foods and they were too good to throw out so eventually ended up in boxes in the basement.

I see them all the time in reuse stores and thrift shops, so if you love this craft you can usually find them if you go searching or you can also purchase brand new.

mason jar lamp kitCredit: amazon.com
Mason Ball Jar Light/Lamp Adapter Kit - Primitive Zinc Lid
Amazon Price: $11.99 $11.75 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

Start with the Mason Jar Lamp Kit

This is the easiest and safest way to create these cool looking lamps.  The kit comes attached to a lid that will fit the standard mason and you simply replace the original one with this kit and it is ready to go.  Fill up the jar, screw on the lid and plug it in.  Simple.

Watch the video below and see just how easy it is.  Make sure to really wash your jar, with hot soapy water and completely dry before adding your decorative bits and pieces.  You could change this out with the season.

How to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

mason jar lamp kitCredit: amazon.com
Metal Wire Round Lampshade 8x7-
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(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

A Wire Lampshade - Add the Rustic Charm

If you use the right type of bulb, such as the Edison bulb, you could use this style of lampshade on top of your Mason jar lamp.  It would look really cool and definitely be noticed.  You could fill the jar with black stones or something to compliment the dark metal shade.  The dollar store carries all kinds of smooth stones, or glass marbles, or you could change it out with the season as in the video she uses acorns and plastic leaves for the fall.

mason jar lamp kitsCredit: amazon.com
Darice 5200-29, Small Lamp Shade White Fabric-covered
Amazon Price: $9.99 $8.60 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 28, 2017)

Basic White Covered Lampshade

If you want the attention to be drawn to the glass jar only then get a very non descript lampshade so that you can see the contents of your jar right away.  This would go in any room and be perfect on a night stand or hall table or wherever you need a bit of extra light.   If the bulb is not exposed you can use any style for the lampshade to fit.  

Second Hand Stores

You could head to second hand stores or antique stores for different types of lamp shades if you want something a little different or unique.  Garage sales too, just make sure it is in good shape and easy to clean.  You could afford to make a few of these lamps as long as you have the mason jars, and the electrics.  Fill them with different items and they will be totally individual and yet similar. 

mason jar lamp kitCredit: amazon.com

Mason Jar Outdoor String Lights

If you love the idea of making your own light, you don’t have to think of the inside only.  You can get these solar lid inserts that replace the original jar lid, and after time in the sun will light up the fairy lights you stuff inside the glass.  These are super cool for that barbeque or spending time outside without having to plug in any lights.

You could sit these on the table in a group or you could string them around the patio like lanterns or in the trees.  These are another way to turn that plain jar into a quick and easy light.

No worries about extension cords, or plugging anything in which then gives you the freedom to place these anywhere in your yard, as long as the lid can absorb some daylight they will be always on for you in the evening.  You could hang them off hooks to light up a path, just keep them safe as they are breakable.

mason jar lampCredit: amazon.com

Steampunk Table Lamp

If at the end of the day you love the look of the mason lights but don’t want to be bothered making your own or you are not into DIY, you can purchase an already completed one with the addition of the industrial piping for added rustic charm and old wood.  This would make a great conversation piece.  

mason jar lamp kitCredit: amazon.com

Edison Bulbs

You can change the look of your mason jar lamp just by changing the bulb.  These bulbs are modern but have old world charm and would look great if you used the wire style lamp shade above.  There are so many ways to reuse old items you have laying around.  If you are still using your jars for jam and canning, then perfect but if you can spare a few then don’t hide them in the basement collecting dust, turn them into cool and unique lamps.

Get Creative

You can dress these jars up or down, make them rustic and industrial or conservative, but they have so many uses especially now that you can get mason jar lamp kits online to make your own and save some money.

It is much easier that trying to wire your own, which is possible but requires some fiddling and skill, so getting a kit with everything you need makes it so easy and the fun part is filling the glass with things to personalize it.

Christmas Time

Try filling them with candy canes, or red and white striped peppermints, or simply fill with Christmas tree decorations that have all kinds of glitter and shine.  This would look awesome and then you can switch it out when the season is over.  This would be a quick and useful decoration for the season.


If you or your kids collect sea shells or stones, you could personalize a lamp for the kids, and let them help make it.  You could also layer different colors of sand or anything you want.  Just make sure your glass is completely clean and dry before adding things, then simply screw on the lid and add a lampshade if you want and simply plug it in.

It is a good way to display collectibles instead of leaving them to collect dust in a drawer.