Here is how to make a simple round, or oval speech bubble using the Gimp program. You can use this for if you are making a basic comic and want to add a speech bubble for your characters or other talking objects.

For those of you who don't know what Gimp is, it is a free online program that people who don't have money to go buy a high-end program can get. It can be a bit hard for beginners to master but it has all the same features that a regular paint program has. These how-to will also work for other programs but all the buttons will be in different places so it will be harder to follow this explanation and some of the buttons will also be named differently then from what Gimp has them as.

Step 1

First bring up Gimp and open up the image you want to work on. For this how-to we will start with a blank image.


Now go to the Ellipsis Select button which should be right next to the Rectangle Select button on the top of the toolbox window. Once you select this button make a circle in the shape that you want the bubble part of your speech bubble.


Once you have the circle made go to the edit tab at the top of the screen and find the button called Stroke Selection. Click this and a new window should pop up.


With this window you can select how to make the line around your bubble. You will probably want solid color. You can change the line width depending on how big your image is. I chose width 5.0 for this demo.


After stroking the selection go back to the top and click on the Select tab and second from the top should be a None button with a red X to its left. Click on that.


Next click on the Paths Tool that should be near and in between the Foreground Select and the Color Picker tools. With this tool click on the line that makes the bubble and the click in the direction that the speaker is going to be then click back on the bubbles line. Only click three times.

Once you've done this go to the Tool's Options and click on stroke path again. Make sure that the size of the newly made triangle is the same as the bubble.


Now go to the eraser tool and take out the line between the bubble and the triangle.


Now all you have to do is add the actual words that you wanted in the bubble and you are finished. There are many other ways for you to make a speech bubble, but this is the most basic version that you can make for whatever you are doing.