The Carnival Cruise Credit Card can save you money on your next cruising vacation.

If you love cruising, as much as I do, then you need to apply for the Carnival Cruise Credit Card, a World MasterCard, offered by Barclays Bank Delaware. Like airline/mileage cards, which offer you savings on your airfare, this charge card can earn you a cash savings to be applied to your Carnival cruising fare.

Carnival Cruise Credit CardCredit: Jeni10

A word of caution:  As with all credit cards, before applying for this one, please read all the fine print, as well as their “Terms and Conditions.”

Key Features and Advantages of the Carnival Cruise Credit Card.

According to the Carnival “FunPoints®” World MasterCard web page (, some of the credit card’s key features and advantages are as follows:

“Start with up to $100 off your next cruise with qualifying transactions.”

“5000 bonus “FunPoints®” when you use your card for the first time.”

“5000 bonus “FunPoints®” toward your next cruise when you transfer a balance of $5,000 or more within the first 30 days of account opening. Please see the “Important Balance Transfer Bonus Points Information” below for more information about these bonus points.”

“2 “FunPoints®” per $1 spent on all Carnival™ Cruise Lines purchases including onboard purchases charged to Sail & Sign®.

“1 “FunPoint®” per $1 spent everywhere else.”

“Redeem “FunPoints®” for cruises on Carnival™ and the other World Leading Cruise Lines.”   

“You'll enjoy a great low introductory rate on balance transfers.”

“No annual fee.”

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The Carnival Cruise Credit Card offers the following flexibility.

Once you have been approved for your Carnival Cruise charge card, you can register to access your account and points information online 24/7. You can also receive your bills through your email account, as well as pay your monthly bill online.

Every 5,000 points increment is equal to $50.00, and every 10,000 points increment is worth $100.00. These points expire after five years.

When you have amassed the necessary points, you may use them towards the cost of your cruising fare. As an additional perk, your Carnival charge card points are also accepted for sailings aboard her sister ships:  Costa, Cunard, Holland America, Princess, and Seabourn. There is no ceiling on how many points you can use at a given time.

Fifteen days before your embarkation, you can also apply some points from your credit card towards the listed “Onboard Gifts and Credits.” The following chart is from their website (

Champagne with Chocolate Delight               6,100 FunPoints®
Terry Cloth Robe                                             7,200 FunPoints®
$100 in Onboard Credits                                12,500 FunPoints®
$200 in Spa Credits                                        20,000 FunPoints®

When you are ready to select your cruising vacation, you may use your qualified cruise points to book with any travel agency or online seller you would like, for any sailing you would like.

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Here is an idea to maximize your Carnival Cruise Credit Card points.

Do you travel a lot for your job? If so, do you charge flights, lodging, food, and entertainment expenses to your personal charge account, to be later reimbursed by your employer? If so, then use your cruise reward credit card to charge all employment and career related expenses. Doing this will allow you to accumulate points quicker. Then, use these points to take your family on a dream vacation, where you can spend some quality time together. The wonderful family time found on a luxurious cruising vacation will definitely offset those times you had to be away from them.

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The following are a few of my final thoughts pertaining to the Carnival Cruise Credit Card.

Since most of us charge just about everything we buy these days, it is nice to be rewarded with a cash value towards something we really enjoy – cruising. However, as with any charge account, we should never spend what we cannot pay at the end of each month. Because every time we pay interest, we are negating any savings that the charge account provides us. With this Carnival cruising credit card, charging has never been so much fun; we just need to make sure we charge within our budget.

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So, get your Carnival Cruise Credit Card today – don’t delay.