Lots of software packages include options for setting up photo slideshows and albums. However, you can't set up 3-D galleries with many of them. That is unless you have Photo! 3D Album. This is a software that adds your images to 3-D galleries and settings. With it you can set up a 3-D photo display.

The software doesn't have substantial system requirements. It's a mere 32.9 MB for size, requires just 512 MB RAM and something comparable to a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 card. It's compatible with the Window's platform only, so no Apple Macs. You can find further details at its website, from where it can be added to your software library as freeware software.

Once you have the software package, you'll need to have a suitable collection of photographs to add to it. If you haven't already added any photographs to a photo folder, a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cradle will be required. They connect the camera with the PC's USB slot so that you can then add some of your favourite photographs to a suitable folder. Windows Vista/7 both have photo folders that you can add them to.

When you open the Photo! 3D Album software you should firstly select the create new album option. Then select a suitable 3-D gallery such as Art Gallery, Exhibition Hall, Showroom etc. Some are indoors whist others, such as Chinese Garden, are outdoors. A small image thumbnail preview of the galleries is included when you select one. For my own gallery I've selected the Showroom, which is one of the smaller galleries. Press OK to confirm.

Photo! 3D AlbumCredit: This is my own image.  
I captured the above image, and all others in this article, with the Snipping Tool.  

Once selected, the above primary Photo! 3D Album editor window will open. This displays the gallery which will include some photographs. Empty wooden frames along its walls are the spots where you can add your own own photos. To move around the gallery from the editing window left click the gallery and drag the mouse. A small white navigation arrow should then emerge with which you can move through the gallery by pointing the arrow in alternative directions.

Select one of the empty photo frames with the cursor. This is where you will insert your first photo to the gallery. On the left hand side there is a folder tree from where you should select your photograph folder, or folders. Once selected the photographs it includes are displayed directly below. When one is selected a small image preview is also displayed below.

To add the selected photograph, click add option at the top. Then your photo will be added to the wooden frame. The software includes a few options for the frame layout under the photo preview. Here you should select adapt which will reduce the frame size so that the photo fits exactly. Another notable option there is that of crop, which seemingly enlarges the photo a little so that it fits the larger frame. Either way the frame will then fit the photo.

Below the photo preview and frame layout options there is a photo caption box. Here you can input a short caption, or title for the photo. Select the box, and then input an alternative title for it. Select the double arrow option to the right which should then open a small editing window. You can further edit the caption here, and then click OK to add it.

After you have added one photograph, many more can follow! They are added just the same. If you have to remove photos from the gallery, you can do so by selecting the photo and then the remove option beside add.

Once complete save the gallery. A clear save option is included with a disk icon. Select the save option, and then you can open the gallery preview.

3D Photo GalleryCredit: This is my own captured image.

When you select the preview option, you'll be taken to the full gallery, as above, beyond the editor window. The galleries start in auto move mode, zooming in and out from the photos included. First press the F1 key to switch to the free move mode. Then you can move around the gallery with mouse and keyboard keys in much the same way as a Half-Life game. Press W to move forward, S to go back and A & D keys for left/right. Stroll up to one of the gallery photographs and press enter to enlarge it, with the caption included. To leave the gallery you should press Esc.

Even with a full gallery you can still later change the template. Select the gallery design option which is next to add. Here you can select one of the alternative templates included with Photo! 3D Album such as Exhibition Hall etc, by selecting one of their thumbnail previews. If you click the I at the top of their thumbnail, further gallery template details are provided. At the bottom additional templates, which can be downloaded from the software site, are included.

Photo 3D AlbumCredit: This is my own image.

Afterwards you can add a gallery as a screen saver. From the Window's screen saver options select and open Photo! 3D Album screen saver. Click its setting window from where you can remove the default play list by selecting the X, delete option. If you select the import photo play list option you can add galleries that you set up. From the sound and advanced tabs you can add some audio, and further configure the gallery's display settings. Select OK, and then apply from the screen saver window.

Photo! 3D AlbumCredit: This is my own captured image.

As there are few comparable software titles, Photo! 3D Album is an original bit of kit. With this software you can set up a variety of photo albums and galleries across a number of alternative 3-D templates. As such, the software provides some great options for showcasing your favorite photographs.