Arts and crafts can be a fun hobby, a way to unwind or maybe even your business.  But finding the space in your home to carry out this hobby can be difficult.  It doesn’t take long to have bits and pieces all over the place and depending on the type of craft you do; it can end up in every room.

If you have a small space and cant dedicate a specific room to your crafting, but do have a second or spare bedroom, then consider sharing and having the room as a dual purpose room.  This will take some organizing but it can be done.  I did this at my last house and it worked out quite well.share craft room with spare roomCredit:

If we had someone staying over, it didn’t take me long to make sure they had the bed to themselves and it wasn’t loaded up with boxes of craft supplies or fabrics.  I found if you got the right storage for your craft then you can share the spare room, or your own bedroom or even the living room.  It is a matter of having a place for everything.

Baskets and Bins - You need to start off deciding the type of storage you will need.  I found baskets at the dollar tree a great place to start for small paints and supplies like that.  I would create a themed basket and label it and this way I knew exactly what was in there.

I had a basket for stamps and ink pads and a basket for magazine pictures and articles that appealed to me.  I kept these on shelves so they were ready when I was.  This is the cheapest way to start organizing your craft supplies.  I even had a basket filled with paint brushes only.

But as I researched, I found there are even nicer ways to stay organized and share a craft room with the spare room and make both “user” friendly.

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1. Fold Down Armoire

This is perfect if your love to sew, or quilt or smaller crafts.  It is basically an entire crafting unit that can be closed up so that the room becomes instantly clean and clear of your hobbies and turns back into a bedroom. 

It looks good and has plenty of storage.  This would not take up much room in the spare bedroom.  If you have guests that need the room, you simply close it up.  It is a bit more of an investment, but now you know exactly where all your supplies are.

The shelf drops down and changes to different positions depending on what you need.  This would be perfect for scrapbooking too as you can keep all your papers and embellishments in this unit and off the kitchen table and the bed. 

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2. Bookcase Desk

This one would take up a wall in the spare bedroom, but you could house all your baskets you get from the dollar store on these shelves.  Fill them will all your little bits and pieces and label them and on the shelf they go.  This way the shelves are not overloaded with small bottles of paint etc and you keep the space and the room looking good and much easier to clean.

This one has a drop down leaf for doing your work on, and could be instantly folded back up and out of the way similar to the armoire but this has bigger cube style storage for larger items.  It would take up one wall, but when your guests came to stay they would not be sharing a bed or the floor with all your craft supplies.

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Wall Control 30-CC-200WW Craft Center Organizer
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3. Peg Board Style Wall Station

If you don’t want to purchase larger furniture or don’t have the room, then consider dedicating one wall above a small desk to house small shelves and hooks, for everything you use.  Yes it would be out in the open but if you keep it neat and organized it will still look awesome in that spare room.

You can get smaller baskets at the dollar store and label and fill them to sit on the portable shelves.  Not only does this make the room organized it keeps you organized so that you know where everything is.  It will take some work in the beginning to figure out what you will need, but it will be well worth it if your family is tired of your hobby in every room.

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4. Craft Desk

If there is enough floor space to add a desk to the spare room, then this specifically designed crafting desk will house lots of supplies.  You could add the pegboard system above it for even more space. 

You would be surprised just how much you can store on the wall and in a specific crafting desk/table.  It can turn into a night table or desk for your guest when you have visitors or you could add this to your own room as it looks good.  

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5. Wall Unit for Craft Supplies

If you have larger supplies, and the room to take over a wall then getting a specific modular storage system for your hobby will stop them from migrating onto the floor or the bed.  You want to be able to put things away quickly when guests come to stay.  Nothing wrong with leaving a few of your pieces out to show off, but you want that craft room to instantly turn into a spare room and by investing in proper storage, chances are you will keep it clean as it will also make you feel a bit more professional.

Organizing a Small Craft Space – If you don’t have a spare room and simply need to share the living room, then investing in portable units that can be folded away works the best.  I have found that if you don’t take the time to really figure out the type of storage you will need, then you will tend not to put things away.

Once I figured out that most of my craft included loads of small items, then I went through my supplies and made a list and got as many containers and baskets as I could from the dollar store.  They have containers for beads and everything, so start there to save money, then decide which of the larger items would work best.  It was the best investment I made creating a separate area to craft, even if I had to share the craft room with the spare room.