Make it a Priority

Transfer Your Title ASAP!

Whether you have sold your car to someone already, or you are contemplating it, there will be an inherent need to legally trasfer or turn over the title of that car from seller to buyer. In Texas, this transfer of legal car ownership must be had before a buyer can claim it as their car. If you are the car seller, and you fail to legally sign over your car title, it is very likely that you could be held liable (responsible) for any tickets incurred or crimes committed by the buyer while using your car. In order to protect yourself, legally transferring your car's title should be of upmost priority when selling a car.

Fortunately, Texas law has made signing over a vehicle's title a very simple process that requires the seller to only fill out a simple form, pay a visit to their local tax office in their county, and pay a small fee. The small fee typically varies per county, and if you elect, can actually be a cost incurred by the vehicle buyer. While Texas law does afford the seller 20 days to complete this process after the transaction has occurred, it is highly recommended that you do this as soon after selling the vehicle as possible. Doing this will help you to not forget that this transfer of title needs to be done. Even if you are giving away your car to a family member, this process to legally transfer a vehicles' title is still the same in Texas.