New Year Party

Pop! Glasses and spirits raised high – it’s almost the new year! And what better way to celebrate than with the sound of the ball-drop or holiday tunes to liven up a crowd’s spirit. Yes, a new year is upon us, and don’t get stuck with a drab party. Here’s how you can use a multi room audio system to liven up your New Year’s Party.

Play Your Custom Holiday Mix

Prepare to jazz up the crowd with your very own holiday mix. You know, the one you spent 8 long hours preparing with everything from lingering Christmas favorites to the classic celebratory songs of the new year. You’ve got it all, and you want your guests to enjoy it to the max, no matter where they mingle throughout the night. With a multi-room system, you can play that same tune throughout the house, (Except for Uncle Perry’s room… he’s not really into the holiday spirit).  But that’s ok, because multi-room systems let you select which rooms to play what music. Let him listen to his grunge rock while everyone else sways to the tune of your very carefully crafted selection of holiday tunes.

Stream Music

Stream Music

Didn’t have time to compile a playlist of your own? That’s ok. With a compatible multi-room audio system, you can stream your favorite services like Spotify, Pandora or XM radio. They’ve got some killer playlists already selected for you whether you want “New Years Dance Music” or “Just the Classics.”

No matter the list you choose, you can rest assured that it will sound pretty epic with balanced sound pouring from each room in the house. Having a themed party? You could pick a playlist for each room of the house to transport your visitors to different holiday worlds to go with your décor. Just make sure your system is compatible with many streaming services to ensure you won’t miss on the season’s hottest playlists. Some multi-room speaker manufacturers like the HEOS by Denon[1] even offer an app for easier control. This is especially beneficial for those who have the habit of channel surfing throughout the night.

Listen to the Ball Drop

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, it’s almost midnight and NYC’s Time Square is full screen on your mega-sized TV. Yeah, everyone can see it. The buzz, the laughter, your TV hosts cracking holiday jokes and keeping everyone abreast of the latest updates – it’s the sound of the holiday that really makes it special. Listen to the commotion, entertainment and applause as the ball drops clearly in every room of the house (thanks to your speakers that are all working in sync to capture the special moment). 

Experience the broadcast as if you were in a theater auditorium, or even better like you were there! With multi-room sound, you can see the moment, feel the moment, and soak it in without missing a single update of the event.

Getting Prepared

Ready to set up? Place your speakers strategically throughout the house in the areas you plan for most guests to linger. The bigger the room, the bigger the speaker. And for those rooms that are expected to be accompanied by a lot of laughter, you may want to give those a double boost. Keep them around ear-level, and away from areas that may be easily knocked by guests who’ve had too much Champaign.

Don’t forget some décor – gold and white are the colors of the holiday. Ready, set, streamers!

With the speakers in place, perfect tunes selected, overflowing champagne and of course… plenty of small bites – your New Year’s party is sure to be a smashing hit with the help of a multi-room audio system letting you glam up your holiday vibes to the max.